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How to Create a Google Meet Link on Laptop & Mobile (+Share)

How to Create a Google Meet Link on Laptop & Mobile (+Share)

How to create a link on Google Meet is actually very easy like when we use the bitly url shortening service.

The difference is to make this Google Meet link, we must have gmail to register and enter the Google Meet.

Apart from that the Google Meet link that we made earlier turns out to be expired (Expired), meaning the link cannot last long and will die within a certain time.

Well, to work around this we can create a scheduled Google Meet link for tomorrow according to a predetermined time.

At least this can make it easier for us to create the Google Meet invitation link which cannot last forever (Permanent).

how to make google meet link on laptop

This time we will create and share the Google Meet link via a computer (PC), as for mobile or android phones, the tutorial is more or less the same.

We can use Google Meet for free for up to 25 online meeting participants. Well, the paid version can accommodate up to 250 members.

How to Create a Google Meet Link on a Laptop

1. Open Google Chrome or other browser on your PC.

2. After that you open the link below.

3. On your Google Meet home page press the button Start Meeting.

how to make a link on google meet

4. Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone when this notification comes out you choose Allow (Allow) so that the camera on the laptop can record our activities.

how to make google meet link

In addition to the camera, the audio will also be recorded, but you can also turn it off.

5. When you start recording by default, a notice like this will be attached.

Your meeting’s ready

how to make google meeting link

Right below it is an option “Share this meeting link with others you want in the meeting” where you can share the Google Meet link.

6. As for sharing the Google Meet link, you can press the button Copy (Translation) the.

7. Now, for other ways to share Google Meet links, you can open the dropdown menu Meeting details.

how to make google meet link on cellphone

After that you open options Details then press Copy joining info.

8. You can also copy the link directly from the browser address bar.

Now you can share the Google Meet link to your school or work friends either via WhatsApp Chat, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

Next we will enter the group meeting through the link, as for the steps below.

How to Join Google Meet Via Link

1. Open the browser on your cellphone / computer.

2. On address bar please you paste (Paste) link which you copied earlier then press the button Enter on the keyboard.

cara bikin link google meet

3. On this page right on the Ready to join? just choose Join now.

4. We will automatically be taken to a page where we will usually be asked for approval regarding camera and audio access to our device.

5. You confirm by allowing it, it appears that there are several active screen displays which are participants who have joined Google Meet.

cara share link google meet

On this page you can also see the number of your friends who are active on Google Meet.

This Google Meet service can be an alternative to similar services such as Skype and Zoom which we often use to study and work online from home.

The tutorial on how to create a Google Meet link above hopefully can help you invite many participants to join an online meeting.

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