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How to Create a Pinterest Account on Mobile & PC (Business / Personal)

How to Create a Pinterest Account on Mobile & PC (Business / Personal)

Creating a Pinterest account is now easier to do, this is because we can register a Pinterest account through an application that we can download and install on an Android phone, where previously we could only create a Pinterest account via the website.

More than that, to create an account on Pinterest we are given the convenience that we can register or sign up for Pinterest through a Facebook or Google account. So for those of you who are lazy to make emails, you can use your social media accounts.

One of the interesting features of Pinterest is that we can create a Pinterest Business account where we can use Pinterest for our online business.

Through this business account we can promote our products or businesses for free to make money from our own efforts.

Well, instead of being curious about how to create a Pinterest account specifically for beginners who are just getting to know this social media for the first time.

how to make a pinterest account on android phone

In this guide, we will only discuss how to register a Pinterest account, for how to manage a Pinterest account such as uploading and downloading images, videos, gifts, which will be discussed in the next discussion.

This is because the material is long, especially for other discussions such as how to pin and repin and create boards to create Pinterest links which we can change according to our taste.

Steps to Register a Pinterest Account

How to Create a Pinterest Account on an Android Phone (Personal)

1. Turn on your Android phone then open it Google Play Store in the search field you enter the keyword ‘Pinterest’ then press Enter.

how to make pinterest

You can also directly visit the official url via the link Download the Pinterest app the.

2. Then you press the button Instal to install the Pinterest app on your smartphone.

how to make a pinterest account

3. Automatically pop up regarding approval from Pinterest Party, please choose Accept (Accept) to continue.

4. After the installation process is complete, you can directly open the Pinterest application on your cellphone.

5. Now, to create an account on Pinterest you can directly enter email address here I use Gmail.

how to make a pinterest account on a cellphone

Press the button Continue to continue.

6. Don’t forget enter password (Password) to protect your Pinterest account, after that you press the button Next (Next).

7. Give your Pinterest account name, free to want one word or more it doesn’t matter, after that press the button Next (Next).

8. Well, for this part you can adjust to your age or be free, it doesn’t matter.

how to create an account on pinterest

Don’t forget to tap the button Next (Next).

9. Are you Women or Man? Please choose according to reality.

10. Well, for the domicile I choose Indonesian country then press Next (Next).

11. After the account data input process is complete, we will be taken to the Pinterest home page.

how to register pinterest on android

Choose 5 topics that interests you, choose at least 5 topics that you think are the most interesting and want to be followed. Don’t forget to press the button Next (Next).

12. After that, several pins or posts that you have followed will appear before.

13. As for opening your Pinterest account profile page, please click the letter icon in the lower corner.

Because the Pinterest profile is new so it won’t show posts on the Board.

At this point, you have successfully created a personal Pinterest on your Android phone.

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How to Download Pinterest on Laptop

For those who want to download the Pinterest application on a Windows computer or laptop, here’s the tutorial.

how to download Pinterest on laptop
  1. Visit the official page Microsoft Store via browser.
  2. In your search box enter the keyword “Pinterest
  3. After that you press the button Enter on the keyboard to start the search.
  4. If you have found it, please press the button Dowload (Get it).

After downloading the Pinterest application, you can immediately use the Pinterest application to create an account, the method itself is more or less the same.

Read too how to create a facebook account on a laptop and a complete Android phone.

Next we will try to register a business Pinterest account, but for those of you who want to change a regular Pinterest account to a business. You can directly open the link.

How to Create a New Business Pinterest Account

1. Please open your favorite browser using Chrome and Firefox or Opera. After that you can visit the page Pinterest account registration the.

2. On that page we are required to enter personal data including:

how to create a pinterest business account
  • Email address
  • Password (Password)
  • Age / Age

After all filled please press the button Create account Pinterest.

3. In this section you are required to enter your business Pinterest account profile name.

how to make a pinterest account

In addition if you have a site or website please enter here.

Don’t forget to also choose Country (Country) and default language your Pinterest account.

If everything is valid, just press the button Next.

4. Describe your business in this section you can describe the business you run, for example my business runs in the sector computer then i choose Other and write Technology.

how to register pinterest

This is because the Technology option is not yet available on Pinterest, so you have to enter it manually.

Don’t forget to also set your goal for creating the Pinterest account, here I chose it as a means to attract Pinterest users.

Continue pressing the button Next.

5. Well, on this page we can explain more specifically (details) about the business we run.

how to register on pinterest

Here I choose as a person Bloggerafter that you can click the button Next.

6. Would you ever be interested in running ads on Pinterest? It means here are you interested in advertising on Pinterest.

how to make a business pinterest

This option is free for you to choose, please choose Yes if interested and No if not interested. Well, if you are still in doubt choose I’m not sure yet.

Don’t forget to click the button Next.

7. Where would you like to start? Here you are free to choose where to start, I choose to share my ideas via Pin.

how to register pinterest

8. As for the appearance of your business Pinterest account profile page, it’s more or less like below.

how to create a new business pinterest account

9. Finally, don’t forget to confirm our Pinterest business account. As for how to confirm the Pinterest account, you just need to open the Pinterest registration email.

how to make a business pinterest

Please check the section inbox (inbox)if the confirmation email is not found You can check it in the folder section spam.

Then you press the button Confirm your email to activate the Pinterest account.

Well, to maximize your business Pinterest account as much as possible to upload images every day so that your Pinterest account index is faster.

In addition, it can also increase consumer confidence in the business you are trying.

My advice is to use the Pinterest Dark Mode feature so that your eyes are not too tired looking at the cellphone or PC monitor screen.

The tutorial on how to create a business and personal Pinterest account on an Android phone or Windows laptop above hopefully can help you in registering a new Pinterest account.


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