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How to Delete Multiple Pages in a PDF File Online for Free

How to Delete Multiple Pages in a PDF File Online for Free

How to Delete PDF Pages – Having an ebook with too many pages makes it difficult for us as readers to find writing or information in it. Therefore it occurred to us, how the heck do I delete one of the pages in this PDF file?

You can delete blank pages on a PDF, not only that, but you can also do other editing, such as adding text and images to the PDF file.

Even though the PDF file format is indeed more difficult to edit, we can still do it both online and offline. More than that, there are many PDF delete pages sites that provide services for free or for free.

How To Delete Multiple Pages In A PDF File

In this guide, we will review a few tricks on how to delete pages in a PDF file using various methods, including deleting PDF pages without an application or online.

I. Deleting PDF Pages Online

There are several trusted sites that provide free PDF file editing services. However, the features and functions are no less complete if it’s just to delete a few PDF pages.

1. PDF Candy

On this PDF editing site service you can delete pages in a PDF online and it’s free to use. PDF Candy has an attractive interface so that we as users immediately understand and understand, so it’s very easy to operate.

How to Delete PDF Pages with PDF Candy

1. Please open the site at

2. If so, then you select the Delete pages menu as shown below.

how to delete pdf pages online

3. You press the + Add file(s) button to add a PDF file, then you select the PDF file and then click Open.

how to delete pdf pages without application

4. If the upload process is complete, in the Delete section, fill in which page will be deleted, for example, for page 6, you fill in only the number 6. So, for more than one page, you fill in the number at the start and end of the page, for example, for pages 5 to 7, you fill in the numbers 5-7 and so on.

how to delete pdf pages on cellphone

5. If you have filled in, click the Delete pages button to delete pages in the PDF. 6. You can wait a moment while the process of deleting PDF pages takes place, when finished you press Download file.

how to delete pdf pages online free

On this site you can also edit PDF files such as converting PDF to JPG or just splitting PDF files.

II. Delete PDF Pages Offline

You can also delete pages from a PDF file using a PDF editor application. It will be even easier for you to edit your PDF file because of the various features available in the software or application.

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Who doesn’t know this PDF file editing software, as the originator of Adobe Acrobat PDF format files, it does have excellent features. Immediately following are the steps to delete pages in your PDF file.

How to Delete PDF Pages with Adobe Acrobat DC

1. Right click the PDF file and select Edit with Adobe Acrobat.

how to delete offline pdf pages

2. After the PDF page opens, you select the View tab then Show/Hide then Navigation Panes and finally click Page Thumbnails to display a small image next to the PDF file.

how to delete pdf pages with adobe acrobat

3. If it appears, just click which page you want to delete, then you click the trash can icon or Delete Pages to delete the PDF page. After that, a warning pop up will usually appear regarding page deletion, you just press OK.

how to delete pdf pages for free

If you want to delete more than one page, just press the Ctrl or Shift key to delete multiple PDF pages at once.

Deleting PDF file pages turns out to be very easy, isn’t it, because you can do this only via an Android cellphone without the hassle of turning on a laptop or computer.

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