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How to Delete Recent Documents in Excel/Word/PowerPoint

How to Delete Recent Documents in Excel/Word/PowerPoint

Deleting recent documents in Microsoft Office such as Excel, Powerpoint, and Word can be done very easily and quickly.

This recent document feature has indeed been embedded in some editing software, not only Microsoft but we can also find this feature in Nitro PDF and Autocad software to Photoshop.

What’s more, Microsoft also does the same thing with the Windows operating system which for Windows 10/8/7 OS there is also a recent file feature.

Well, for those who want to remove recent documents in Excel and so on, here’s the tutorial.

how to delete recent documents in microsoft excel

We can delete this recent document with two different methods, we can delete it one by one or in its entirety.

In addition, in this post we will also discuss how to find and display recent documents so that we can easily open them.

Steps to Delete Recent Documents in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

Deleting History in My Recent Documents One By One

how to delete recent documents in excel
  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your laptop/PC.
  2. On the menu Home You select tab Recent to display recent documents in Excel. On this menu tab you can also search for recent documents that you have opened previously.
  3. Next you specify one of the history (History) of the document you want to delete.
  4. Hover over the right part of the file name and then Klik Kanan Mouse select Remove from list (Remove from list).

At this point, you have successfully removed the recent document in Ms Excel.

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You can also create a pin so that the document is easy to find by selecting the option Pin to list.

Now, to find the document that you have pinned. Just go to the menu tab Pinned right next to the Recent tab.

This can be an alternative when the recent Excel document does not appear in the Start Menu.

Then what if we want to eliminate all recent documents in Microsoft Excel?

You can follow the tutorial below.

Delete All History in My Recent Document

how to remove recent documents in ms excel

1. Open a data processing program Microsoft Excel the.

2. Enter the menu Open.

3. Select the sub menu Recent.

4. Open tab Workbooks where all recent documents are found on this tab.

5. Next, you hover over one of the recent history documents and then Klik Kanan Mouse select Clear unpinned Workbooks.

how to delete recent files in excel

6. Are you sure you want to remove all unpinned items from the list? You choose Yes to confirm its deletion.

Automatically all recent documents permanently deleted.

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In this way, at least we can delete recent files in Excel more quickly, where by default there are quite a lot of recent documents.

Apart from that, sometimes we want to eliminate this recent document feature because it is related to important data privacy.

Especially if you open and save the document in a public place such as an office computer where you are not the only one accessing the computer.

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Well, the Microsoft Office itself has provided a solution. You can turn off the recent document, so all activities related to the history of documents that we have opened before will be deleted automatically.

You can also practice this guide on how to delete recent documents in Excel for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for all versions starting from 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.


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