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How to Download Videos on Pixabay Android and PC (Successfully)

How to Download Videos on Pixabay Android and PC (Successfully)

Pixabay is one of the most visited places to download free videos, we can download videos from Pixabay for free without fear of being affected by copyright.

How to download videos on Pixabay itself we can do on Android phones and PCs. This is because this service is based on a website or web so it can be accessed through anything.

Actually, it’s not just videos, on Pixabay we can also download images or photos to vectors with quality that is not inferior to premium stock footage provider services such as Shutterstock.

Unfortunately, the font is not available on Pixabay, although the abundant stock is more than enough if only for the needs of article creation to content creators.

Immediately following is a guide on how to download videos on Pixabay via cellphone and PC.

how to download videos on pixabay android and laptop

In this Pixabay video download tutorial we will divide it into two devices, namely mobile and desktop.

Everything has been summarized in this post, you can choose it. Even though the method is actually not much different

How To Download Videos on Pixabay Android

how to download videos on pixabay on android

1. Open the browser application on your Android phone, you are free to use Chrome or Opera.

2. After that you open the official page

3. Right on search box you open dropdown menu select Video.

4. Enter the keyword in the search box then press Enter.

5. After that we will be faced with a variety of video options, usually for the top position is a sponsor on Pixabay.

Please select one by one, to make it easier you can take advantage of the sort feature on the top menu tab of Pixabay.

You can search for popular videos with certain effects and by category to the quality or resolution of the video that we will download.

6. Well, on this page you can review or watch the video before downloading it.

how to download free videos on pixabay

If you are sure, please press Free download then select the video resolution and finally you press the button Download (Download).

At this point, you have successfully downloaded a Pixabay video on your Android phone.

You can give appreciation as a thank you to the creator by buying him a cup of coffee.

Apart from that, sometimes many fail when downloading footage on Pixabay, whether it’s image content, photos, vector images, illustrations, videos, and others.

Usually this happens because the Pixabay page is blocked, to fix this you can install a VPN application on your Android phone which you can download on the Google Play Store for free.

Unfortunately, until now, the Pixabay apk or app has not been officially available, so we have to open the official website to download the video from Pixabay.

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How To Download Video on Pixabay Laptop

1. Please open the browser application on your laptop or PC.

2. Open the site in a browser.

3. On the home page of the Pixabay website right at Kolom Pencarian (Search images, vectors and videos).

how to download videos from pixabay

Please open dropdown menu in the right corner then select Videos (Video).

4. Then you enter search keywords related to the video you want to download on Pixabay.

how to download pixabay videos

For example, I want to download a video of a landscape on Pixabay, then I will write down the keywords “View”.

This is for general keywords. Well, to be more specific, you should use more than two keywords. For example “View of the Merapi Mountains”.

5. After that you press the button Enter on your laptop or computer keyboard to search for it.

6. We will automatically be presented with a large selection of the best footage from Pixabay.

download video pixabay

Please choose one of them to download the free Pixabay videos.

7. Right on the video page that you want to download, usually there are many choices of video resolutions that can be downloaded.

how to download videos on pixabay

Video resolutions available on Pixabay

  • 640×360 Format Mp4
  • 960×540 Format Mp4
  • 1280×720 Format Mp4
  • 1920×1080 Format Mp4

Please choose according to your needs, preferably for videos that will be uploaded on Youtube using full HD 1920×1080 resolution to make it more optimal, of course.

8. Finally, you can press the Download button to download the Pixabay video.

You can also donate your money to the creators of Pixabay, via the Coffee button you can send some money via Paypal.

Proof that downloading videos from Pixabay is free and copyright-free is that it exists Pixabay License Free for commercial use No attribution required.

This means that you can use the footage on Pixabay for free without fear of violating the copyright of other people’s work.

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Can’t Download Video on Pixabay ?

Sometimes we encounter problems with some sites that may have been included in the block list in Indonesia.

Well, to overcome this you can use a proxy or VPN.

You can take advantage of a free VPN that you can download on the Webstore, through this page you can install extensions or addons on the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

As for the guide, you can read tips how to use Anonymox in Chrome and Firefox.

After successfully installing the VPN, please download the Pixabay video.

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Well, for video clips that are downloaded a lot from the Pixabay page, such as intros or outros to background videos, this is what a content creator needs.

The tutorial on how to download videos on Pixabay above hopefully can help you download images, photos, vectors and videos, all of which are provided free of charge.


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