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How to dress in the heat so as not to overheat

Linen is the number one choice for summer

Sometimes we have a very difficult relationship with hot sunny days. Such summer tests in the conditions of the city are especially difficult to endure. We look through our wardrobe and do not understand how to dress in the heat. It seems that even the shortest shorts and the lightest top will not save you from overheating. But, nevertheless, it is enough to follow a few basic tips to avoid sunstroke. About them – in our today’s article.

Fabric choice

Linen is the number one choice for summerLinen is the number one choice for summer
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The first and, probably, the main advice is to take a very responsible approach to the choice of summer clothes in terms of fabric. First of all, synthetic materials should be abandoned. They won’t breathe, creating a kind of wet vacuum. Preference should be given to natural fabrics – cotton and linen.

Oddly enough, silk will not be the best choice. Light and pleasant to the body, at first glance, in the heat it will simply stick. Such an effect can hardly be called comfortable.

Style selection

Long and loose clothing is preferable on hot daysLong and loose clothing is preferable on hot days
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How to dress in the heat, if not in the shortest shorts, skirts or dresses? It turns out, on the contrary, you need to wear all the longest! Only the style of things should be free. So the clothes will not come into contact with the body and create an unpleasant “sticky” feeling. In addition, the likelihood of sunburn is reduced to a minimum. Instead of miniskirts, choose trendy maxi skirts, instead of shorts, choose wide trousers.

As for the top, you can choose, for example, a linen shirt or even a light cotton sweatshirt. However, the option with crop tops is quite appropriate, unless, of course, you use sunscreen.

How to dress in the heat: colors

Pastel shades are relevant for summerPastel shades are relevant for summer
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As a rule, in the summer, we try to wear light-colored clothes. This choice is quite obvious and logical, because dark colors attract the sun’s rays. Moreover, it is not necessary to be limited only to white and beige shades. Pastel colors are very relevant – delicate, light, visually weightless. And they are presented in a wide version, thanks to the unconditional interest of designers in the style of minimalism.

Choosing accessories

Sunglasses are a must-have for summer looks.Sunglasses are a must for summer looks.
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When answering the question of how to dress in the heat, do not forget about accessories. Of course, on the hottest days, you will have to give up the abundance of jewelry, especially rings. However, without a doubt, you need to get sunglasses and summer hats. Thus, at the same time, you can avoid the unpleasant consequences of solar activity and complement the image with interesting touches.

In general, everyone already probably has their own understanding of how to dress in the heat of the summer. But repeating the base is never superfluous – you may even be lucky enough to learn something new for yourself. And the editors of the LUXXY resale platform blog are always ready to help! Every day we release new interesting articles for you about fashion and shopping, style and beauty!


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