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How To Fix Android GPS Not Working

How To Fix Android GPS Not Working

How To Fix Android GPS Not Working – GPS is one of the features on Android that functions to track and find the location that the user wants to go to. This GPS feature itself uses satellites for its navigation system, so the results will be more accurate. All Android HP devices must have been equipped with this one feature, whether it’s cheap to expensive Android phones.

The existence of the GPS feature on an Android cellphone, sometimes the feature has an error and cannot function normally. Or even the GPS is frozen or stuck in one location only. So, how to solve the Android GPS not working? You can read more information below!

To fix the GPS feature on an Android cellphone that doesn’t work, there are several ways you can apply. Of course, these methods are very easy to apply, even for those of you who are still new. As for how to solve Android GPS not working in full, as follows:

1. Turn off and re-enable Location Features

The first way to fix GPS not working on a cellphone is to disable and reactivate the location feature. This way the device will restart the location feature and bring it back to normal. There are two methods that can be used to implement this method, including:

Method 1. Via Menu Bar

This method is quite easy to do and can be applied on all android smartphone devices. For how to do it yourself, that is by swiping or swiping the screen from top to bottom to pull up the menu bar. Then tap on the Location menu to disable it.

Wait until the Location feature is completely turned off. Then you press again on the Location menu to activate it.

Method 2. Via Settings Menu

Open the Settings menu on the Android phone.

Go to Location options.

Then press the slider button at the top until it becomes Off.

If so, now you activate the slider button again until it changes to Active.

2. Clear Maps App Cache and Data

This second method can be applied if the GPS does not work when accessing the Maps or Maps application, be it Google Maps or other similar applications that you use. You need to do a cache and data wipe of the app to get it back to normal and working. To clear cache and data in the Maps application itself, namely:

Open the Settings menu on the Android phone.

Then go to Application options.

Find and select the Maps or Maps application you are using.

Next go to the Storage option.

Click on the Clear Cache or Clear Memory button.

Then click on the Clear Data button.

3. Update or Reinstall the Map Application

Using the Maps application or the old version of Maps is usually prone to errors, including GPS that doesn’t work. For that, you need to update the Maps application to the latest version via Google Playstore.

If indeed updating the application still doesn’t work, then you can delete the application or uninstall it. After that, restart the Android phone after its deletion. When the cellphone is turned on again, now you have to re-install the Maps or Maps application earlier. Usually the error problem at the location that did not work earlier will be immediately resolved.

That was the easiest and most effective way to deal with Android GPS not working. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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