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How to Fix Incompatible Android Apps

How to Fix Incompatible Android Apps

How to Fix Incompatible Android Apps â€“ There are many kinds of android applications and games nowadays. Especially with the increasing number of mobile application and game developers who are increasingly introducing their applications. Almost all of these android apps and games can be used for free, but usually there are some premium items that can only be accessed by paid users.

Every developer will usually always routinely update their applications and games. The goal is to fix bugs and add new features in it. Talking about overcoming the android application version, there are times when the application is not compatible with the Android OS used. So, how to solve the incompatible android application? You can read more information below!

It’s actually very easy to solve the problem of application versions that are not compatible with Android phones. However, not all users know about it. As for how to solve android applications that are not compatible with HP devices in full, as follows:

Method 1. Update the Application to the Latest Version

This one method can be applied if the application is not compatible with Android because the application version is too low. Maybe you are one of those users who turn off the automatic update feature on the Google Playstore. So that when a new version of the application is launched, the application will not be updated automatically.

Apps that are not updated will cause them to become unusable because they are not compatible with the version of the Android OS that has been updated to a higher level. To update this android application itself, namely:

Open Google Playstore on HP.

Click Profile Photo in the upper right corner of the display.

Then select the Manage Apps and Devices option.

Then click on the Manage tab, then select the Available Updates option below it.

There will be displayed applications that are available the latest version. Click on the app you want to update to the latest version.

On the application page that is displayed, then you click Update or Preupdate.


Make sure you have enough quota to download the latest version of the updated application. To make it faster, you can try connecting your cellphone to a wifi network.

Method 2. Downgrade the Application to an Old Version

Applications that are not compatible with android devices may be due to the version that is specifically for the latest Android OS. For example, on your Android phone you are still using the Android OS v5.0. While the application used is recommended for Android OS v6.0 and above.

For this one problem, you need to downgrade the incompatible application to a lower or older version. For how to downgrade this application itself, namely:

First, uninstall or uninstall the incompatible application. The trick is to press and hold the application icon, then select Uninstall or Uninstall.

After successfully deleted, now restart the HP first. This is done so that all remaining data from the application is deleted.

Now open a browser on your cellphone, then visit the APKPure site.

In the search field, you search for and select the incompatible application earlier.

On the app’s page, scroll down until you find the Previous Version option. Click the More button on the right.

There will be displayed various new to old versions of the application. You select the version of the application that is compatible with the Android OS on your cellphone, then download the application

If so, you just have to install or install the application.


Those were the two ways to deal with android applications that are not compatible with the Android OS version on the cellphone. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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