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How to Freeze Google Sheets (Lock Table Columns & Rows)

How to Freeze Google Sheets (Lock Table Columns & Rows)

Freeze panes Google Spreadsheet is a feature to lock Cells in Google Sheets where we can freeze columns and rows to keep them visible even if they are scrolled vertically or horizontally to the table boundary.

As for how to freeze Google Sheets, it’s quite easy, we just need to activate it via the View menu on the Google Sheet.

One of the conveniences if we lock the title table in Google Sheets is that we can know more clearly about the data we read because we don’t have to scroll up and down.

The freeze panes feature is also available in Microsoft Excel, so for those of you who use it often, it might be familiar, the difference is that in Google Sheets we access it online.

Immediately, here’s how to freeze on Google Sheets that you can try right now.

cara freeze google sheet online

You can follow this tutorial on how to lock Google Sheets on your laptop or Android phone, because this application is web-based.

At least through the following tips, we will understand more about using Google Sheets, even if only partially.

Steps to Lock Columns and Rows in Google Sheet

Cara Freeze Baris di Google Sheet

1. Go to the official Google Sheet page via the link below.

2. Please make a table or other in Google Spreadsheet, if you have line selection whichever is up.

cara freeze google sheet

Select from one point to another horizontally, use the keys Shift to simplify the selection process.

3. Open the Google Spreadsheet tab menu View then select Freeze then select Up to current row.

cara freeze google spreadsheet

4. Then the result is like the picture below, it can be seen that there is a kind of faint horizontal line transverse which is the freeze heat limit.

how to lock cell in google spreadsheet

Here you can freeze as many rows in the Google Sheet as you want, for example, freeze 2 rows or 3 rows to an infinite number of rows.

Next we will freeze columns in Google Sheets, here’s a guide.

Cara Freeze Column di Google Sheet

1. Column section selection that you want to Freeze (Lock).

how to freeze on google sheet

2. Enter the menu tab View.

3. Open the dropdown menu Freeze then select Up to current column.

4. At this point, you have succeeded in creating freeze panes on Google Sheets, where you can move the slider to the right and left without fearing that the text will also shift.

cara freeze kolom di google sheet

Freeze panes in Google Sheets is actually not much different from Ms Excel, so to do this is not so difficult.

Also read groups Excel subtraction formula for different columns practically no fuss.

Next we will try to eliminate the freeze effect in the Google Spreadsheet.

How to Remove Freeze Google Sheet (Unfreeze)

1. Row or column selection which is still frozen.

how to lock in google spreadsheet

2. Open the menu tab View.

3. Open the dropdown menu Freeze select No rows or No columns just adjust.

4. Then the result is as below, the previously frozen row or column is now free.

cara freeze panes di google sheet

What’s more, now there are no more horizontal freeze lines. This shows that the table is free.

Sometimes when we open a worksheet with a table that takes up so many rows and columns, the use of the freeze panes feature on Google Sheets is very helpful.

This is because of the ease with which we can see and match the data, besides that the freeze panes feature is also useful in marking important information in a table.

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Apart from that, all other conveniences such as Google Sheets that can be accessed by everyone are also an added value in which we don’t have to bother sending files, just publish them.

For those of you who have not used Google Sheets for a long time, this service can also upload Excel files which we no longer need to be tired of copying.

Hopefully this online tutorial on how to freeze Google Sheets can help you lock columns and rows (Cells) in a table.


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