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How to identify Fake Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, Pro Max

How to identify Fake Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, Pro Max

Identifying fake Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, or Pro Max might sound daunting. Still, if you know the tricks correctly, you can easily identify the discrepancies. Today we are going to discuss all these easy and mindful ways to find out if the iPhone 13 in front of you is real or fake.

how to pinpoint fake iphone 13
How to identify Fake Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, Pro Max

How to identify Fake Apple iPhone 13

Do you want to know how to identify a fake iPhone 13? If you want to purchase a new iPhone 13, you probably want to know whether it is a genuine Apple iPhone 13 or a fake one.
Everyone wants an iPhone, but not all retailers sell real products. Suppose you are not purchasing the item through an Apple shop. In that case, confirming whether the phone is real is usually advisable.

The risk of purchasing a sham iPhone increases as more trade and sales move online. The business has grown significantly for dishonest phone manufacturers. Fake iPhones used to be very apparent, but the market became much savvier as time went by.

Even though the iPhone 13 has the most upscale appearance, a sophisticated operating system, a brighter screen, and pricey camera sets, certain people can make fakes.
In light of this, here’s How to identify Fake Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, and Pro Max.

1. Visit the physical store

Try visiting your neighborhood Apple store first if you intend to get an iPhone 13 this year. There, you may see how the iPhone 13 looks and feels. Consider the texture and consider the cost. Something is wrong if someone offers to sell you an old iPhone, but the price is too low. A second way to determine whether an iPhone 13 is genuine or fake is to go to Apple’s official website. Note the details and significant characteristics that can influence your decision to purchase an iPhone.

2. Pay attention to its physical characteristics

Examining an iPhone 13’s physical characteristics can be one of the easiest ways to determine whether it is a genuine or counterfeit model. When it comes to the design and construction of an iPhone, expect perfection. The hardware on a fake iPhone 13 frequently looks more affordable.

Therefore, the iPhone 13 is a fake if the hardware is flimsy. The thrill of holding an iPhone 13 is palpable. The iPhone 13 has an elegant aluminum frame and a robust flat-edge design. Watch out for specific details like the placement of the buttons and logo, or a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C/A port on the bottom.

Pay attention to details that copycats frequently overlook, such as learning the iPhone 13’s color. Five exquisite metal hues are available for the iPhone 13 midnight, starlight, blue, red, and pink. It’s difficult to reproduce the color scheme exactly. If you do your research before meeting a seller, finding a fake iPhone 13 is simple.

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3. Look for the Penta Lobe Screws

Penta Lobe Screws iphone 13

Some standard screws used in all iPhone models can be seen right next to the charging port. Penta lobe screws are what these are known as because they have 5 screw head points. The regular cross screws on the fake iPhone 13 can be a dead giveaway if you pay attention to such a minor detail.

4. Check the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone

fake apple logo vs original apple logo

Simply flip the phone over and examine the branding on the back once you’ve unwrapped it. Although it might appear the same as the genuine article, a fake can usually be identified by a few minor flaws. The logo on an imitation iPhone 13 is slightly hollow and/or has a mirror effect. An original Apple logo should not feel elevated or rough. The iPhone is probably not an original if your finger feels different rubbing across the logo than it does rubbing across any other area of the phone’s back.

5. Look for a Memory Card slot

The iPhone 13 lacks a slot for a memory card. You should start backing away if the gadget has a memory card port on the side or rear because it is a knockoff of the iPhone 13.

6. Test your iPhone’s Serial Number

Using Apple’s Check Coverage website to look up the serial number is another approach to identifying fake iPhone 13s. By heading to Settings > General > About > Serial Numberyou can quickly get the serial number of your Apple iPhone 13.

Now, check if your iPhone 13 is a genuine iPhone 13 by going to and entering your iPhone serial number. The model, warranty duration, support situation, and other details about the phone should be displayed after entering the serial number of the iPhone into Apple’s warranty status website. Your iPhone 13 is a copy if you encounter the notice “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not legitimate.”

7. Check The OS Again

The operating system that powers the iPhone is what makes it so distinctive. The iPhone uses iOS, a custom operating system created by Apple, as opposed to other cell phones that run the Android operating system.

However, imitation iPhone 13 devices frequently run Android underneath an iOS-like skin to deceive users. Because of this, a phony iPhone 13 may appear real.

Purchasing an iPhone costs a lot of money. As a result, you should thoroughly check the merchandise and test the equipment. Verify whether the iPhone includes pre-installed apps like Calculator, Health, and Safari. If you can, try downloading a few apps from the App Store.

8. Verify the IMEI Or Model Number

An authentic iPhone 13 box should have the model, serial, and IMEI numbers visible. These figures should correspond to what you see under Settings > General >About. It is an attempt to copy an iPhone 13 if these numbers don’t match those on the box it arrived in.

9. Look up for Siri

Only Apple devices support the voice assistant Siri. Simply keep the side button depressed for a few seconds to bring up the voice assistant. If Siri shows up, the iPhone 13 is real. Any voice assistant, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others that you see, is a phony.

10. Find Apple’s default applications

The App Store, Settings, Compass, and Safari are the pre-installed apps on the iPhone 13. A Play Store app is a dead giveaway that you’re using an Android designed to look like an iPhone 13 if it can be found on your device.

11. Be mindful of the Storage capability

The iPhone 13 does not contain a microSD card slot as the internal memory is non-expandable. The store on a fake iPhone 13 is typically expandable. The iPhone 13 is a fake if it has a microSD card slot. The original Apple iPhone 13 has an option to buy more space for your iPhone in iCloud+.


Q1. How does a fake iPhone 13 look like?

Fake iPhone 13 looks similar to the original one at a glance. But, examining an iPhone 13’s physical characteristics can be one of the easiest ways to determine whether it is a genuine or counterfeit model. When it comes to the design and construction of an iPhone, expect excellence. The hardware on a phony iPhone 13 frequently just looks more affordable. Therefore, the iPhone 13 is a fake if the hardware is fragile.

Q2. How can I know if my iPhone IMEI number is original?

An IMEI number will be present on every original iPhone model. So, this is among the simplest methods for determining whether your iPhone is genuine or fake.

  • Go to Settings,
  • select General,
  • select the about option, and then
  • scroll down to view the IMEI number on the phone.

There is a strong likelihood that the iPhone model is fake if there is no IMEI or serial number.

Q3. How do I check if my iPhone is refurbished?

It was bought brand-new from Apple if the model number begins with M. If the model number begins with F, Apple or a carrier reconditioned the device. A customized iPhone with an engraving was sold if the model number starts with the letter P.


As clones are made with great care, especially with regard to the phone’s design, it is very simple to mistake one for an authentic iPhone 13 at first glance. Please report any counterfeit iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max to us. Please use caution when purchasing or trading anything online due to these apparent feature variations!

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