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How to Make a Letterhead in Word for a Complete Office

How to Make a Letterhead in Word for a Complete Office

How do I make a letterhead in Word? Letters from institutions or agencies such as offices and schools to companies, you should pay attention to them, they are definitely different from ordinary or personal letters. Everything is completely structured, starting from the framework of the letter, which is more complete with the existence of a letter head or letter KOP.

So, for those of you who are curious about how to make the letterhead? Relax, the SemutImut page tries to provide a solution by utilizing the Microsoft Word application which is very familiar on our laptops or cellphones.

How to make letter KOP in Microsoft Word itself is very easy to do, especially the letter head only consists of the name of the institution, logo, address, telephone number, email, facsimile, and the official website.

As for the KOP size for official office letters, it is usually seen from the top margin limit of 2cm, bottom 2cm, right 2cm and left 3cm. Especially for the header section, the standard for each institution is different, as well as the footer section.

The rest for those of you who want to make letterhead in Ms Word you can prepare a number of things such as:

Parts of KOP of Official Letters

  1. Office Name
  2. Office Logos
  3. Office address
  4. Office Email Address
  5. Office Phone Number
  6. Office Facsimile
  7. Office Official Website

You must prepare the things above in advance, this is so that the credibility of the institution or agency can be accounted for.

You can use this tutorial for making letterhead in Word for all versions of Microsoft Word from 2007, 2010, 2013 to 2016.

So how do you make the correct KOP of an official letter? Here’s the review.

If you have prepared all the basic needs for making letterhead, making letterheads will be done more quickly.

You can make your own letterhead by writing text formats manually or create letterheads automatically by using templates that are already available in Microsoft Word.

Steps to Make a Letterhead in Microsoft Word

1. Open the Microsoft Word application on your computer or PC, create a blank worksheet or Blank document.
how to make letterhead in word

2. Go to the View menu tab and select Print Layout for the worksheet.
how to make letterhead in word 2010

3. Now, at the top, please click 2x right on the header.
how to make letterhead in word 2007

After that, you check or tick the Different First Page option on the Design menu tab.

4. Specifically for Ms Word worksheets that don’t have a ruler or ruler, you must first display the ruler in Word by going to the View menu tab and then checking the Ruler box.

how to make letterhead in word 2013

Next you drag the ruler point to number 3, in this case the scale used is CentiMeter.

If your Ms Word worksheet still uses the Inch scale, you first need to change it to CentiMeter.

As for the guide, you can see a tutorial on how to change inches to CM in Ms Word.

5. The next step is to enter the Home menu tab and enter all data such as company name, address, telephone number, email, website address, and others.

how to make letterhead in word 2003

Select everything by pressing Ctrl+A or simply using the cursor, after that you center or center the text (Ctrl+E).

7. The next step is to enter the Insert menu tab to upload a company or agency logo file, select a logo then press Insert to insert it.

how to make letterhead in ms word

8. Click the letterhead image or logo and on your Format menu select Wrap Text then use In Front of Text.
how to make letterhead in microsoft word

This option allows images to be placed anywhere without affecting the text next to them. You can enlarge or reduce the image to fit it.

9. After that place the cursor behind the Email address then press Enter on the keyboard to create a new empty line.

how to make letterhead in word with logo

Select the empty row by pressing the Shift + End key.

10. After that, you open Border then select Borders and Shading, usually at the bottom itself.

how to make letterhead in word android cellphone

11. A pop-up menu appears right on the Border section. You select Custom with a line style that is 3pt thickest.
how to make letterhead in word automatically

Don’t forget to click on the top of the paragraph (number 22) and finally click the OK button to confirm.

Another interesting article about how to make borders in Word match the margins so that the text remains neat and not cut off.

12. The result will usually be like this, the display line or border will be cut off.

how to make letterhead with logo in microsoft word

Well, to fix it, you can simply shift the point on the ruler or ruler. Please click on the border, then slide the point to adjust it.

13. If you have finished making the letterhead line, the letterhead display will look like this.

how to make letterhead in word easily

Already satisfied with the results, you can press the Close Header and Footer button to close it.

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How to Make Letterhead in Microsoft Word Automatically

Another alternative is to make letterhead in Word which might be easier than before, because we will use the existing templates in Ms Word.

Steps to Make Letterhead with Templates in Microsoft Word

1. Please open the File menu tab in Ms Word.

2. After that, you enter the New menu tab, then select Letters.

3. In the Letters section, you can choose which letter template you want to use.

4. You choose a letter template that suits your needs, if you have pressed the Create button.

5. Now, come to this stage where you can edit the letter template. Both from letterhead to the footer section.

Interesting tips on how to minimize PowerPoint files on laptops and Android phones in the easiest and most practical way.

One of the drawbacks of this method is that it is difficult for us to adjust to our will. This is because we only use the default Microsoft Word template.

Apart from that, you can also make letterhead with 2 logos. Usually this applies to private schools, one for the school logo and the other for the education service logo. More than that also for other agencies that still establish cooperation between one company and another company.

To make documents look tidier, see also how to easily and quickly adjust the spacing between words in messy Word.

What do you think about how to make official letterhead in Microsoft Word, it’s very easy isn’t it because it is supported with complementary images to make it easier to understand.


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