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How To Make Photos Into HD Without Free Apps

How To Make Photos Into HD Without Free Apps

There are many ways to make photos HD starting from using photo editing applications such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Picsart, Snapseed, Remini, Lightroom and other apks both on laptops and Android phones to iPhones.

However, for now the use of the apk is still considered less practical because we change the photo manually which certainly requires photo editing skills. Well, the solution is we can take advantage of online image converter sites.

Through this website we can make photos into HD without an application which is very easy for us to do, we can change blurry photos to HD online with just a few simple settings without editing skills needed.

Not only clarifying blurry photos but also enlarging the image resolution to be larger in Full HD quality. You can use this to change WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram profile photos that were blurry or blurry to make them clearer (details).

Well, to make the image broken into HD, there are several sites that you can use for free, including the following.

how to make photos hd

Making photos more HD, we can do it automatically, just uploading files can solve even broken or blurry images.

Apart from that, usually the size of the photo file capacity will increase from the previous small size to be larger, but in my opinion it doesn’t matter because the resolution and image sharpness are better.

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Steps to Convert Photos to HD

Convert Images to HD Online on the Web Waifu2x

1. Open the Chrome browser on your laptop or Android phone.

2. Then you open a special site to convert images to HD via the following link You can copy and paste the url into the browser.

how to make an image hd without an application

3. After that on the Image Choosing: You enter a photo by uploading a file via the button Choose File.

4. In section Style: You choose Photo if the file is in png, jpg, jpeg or other format.

5. Right on option Noise Reduction: You choose the highest that is Highest.

6. Well, for settings Upscaling You choose the option 2x.

7. Don’t forget to fill in the captcha until a green check mark appears.

8. The last time you press the button Convert to make the split image into HD automatically.

9. Well, to see the results you can download the file by pressing the button Download.

10. Alternatively you can Klik Kanan Mouse then select Save image as…

how to convert image to hd online

11. After that you select the storage location then press the button Save.

List tombol shortcut Photoshop complete with useful functions and explanations to speed up your image editing process in Photoshop.

Here are the results of converting photos to HD that I have tried, the results are more or less satisfying changing the image resolution from small to large with still good image quality which makes photos look clearer and not broken.

how to hd the image
image by pixabay

The comparison of the two photos is below, the difference is in the size or dimensions of the image where previously a small 640px photo is now a larger 1280px HD size.

how to edit photo to hd

How to convert photos to HD on Android or Windows PC is very easy to do because it can be done only with a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and of course without photo editing applications like Photoshop or Pixellab.

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Tutorial on how to make photos HD with clearer (clear) resolution and photo quality, hopefully it can help to clarify photos that were previously blurry or blurry.


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