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How to Merge PDF Files Into One PDF File (+Image)

How to Merge PDF Files Into One PDF File (+Image)

How to Merge PDF Files – Sometimes we want to combine several PDF files into one complete PDF file, we usually do this because of job demands or the requirements of a job application file.

Merging many PDF files into one PDF file may sound a little difficult to our ears. However, actually it is easy. Because you can do it quickly, either online or offline.

You can already feel combining many separate PDF files by utilizing online service sites, in this way you can also combine PDF files into one without an application or software.

Apart from that, other conveniences also allow you to combine PDF files into one only from cellphone devices. Well, for the operating system, both Android and iOS, everyone can use it.

You can follow this tutorial on combining several PDF files into one PDF file in an easier way to understand because we have included supporting images for each step.

I. Merge PDF Files Into One Online

One way to combine PDF files quickly is what you can do, without the hassle of having to install the PDF Merge application first. Because you only need to upload your PDF file and let the system work.

1. Combinepdf

The first reference site that you can use to combine your PDF files, this online PDF file service has the advantage of being able to combine more than 20 PDF files in one process.

How to Combine PDF Files in Combinepdf

1. Please first visit the official website at

2. Select the Combine PDF tab then click the UPLOAD FILES button and select all the files you need, lastly you press Open to upload them.

how to merge pdf files into one file

3. Files that have been successfully uploaded will be neatly lined up as shown below, then you can click the COMBINE button to combine the PDF files. Wait a moment, your PDF file will automatically be downloaded.

how to merge pdf files into one online

It only takes a few steps to combine many PDF files, it’s very easy, of course, apart from that, here you can also convert PDF files to JPG and PDF files to Word.

II. Merge PDF Files Into One on a Laptop

The second alternative is how to combine many PDF files into one by using the PDF Merge application, the advantage of this method is that you can combine PDF files without the need to be connected to an internet network. Suitable for you who often combine PDF files.

1. Nitro Pro

PDF editing software that is often used by all groups, Nitro Pro is usually installed directly on the default laptop or computer. So for those of you who already have it, you can immediately apply the following guide for merging PDF files.

How to Merge PDF Files with Nitro Pro

1. Open the Nitro Pro software, click the HOME tab, select Combine. After the pop up appears, click the Add Files button, then select all the PDF files you want to combine. Finally you click Open to upload it.

how to merge pdf files into one on android

2. After the upload process is complete, several button functions will appear, such as Move Left and Move Right, which function to combine PDF files sequentially by sliding the files to the right and left.

how to combine pdf files into one file with nitro pro

3. So, for maximum results, you click the Settings button in the Make PDF Files section: select Print ready (larger file size) then OK.

4. When finished, you can click the Create button. Usually a pop up will appear regarding the location where the PDF file is saved, you can determine it by selecting the location of the folder then Save.

You can easily combine PDF files into one using this Nitro Pro software.

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Hopefully this tutorial on how to combine several PDF files can be useful, both for work purposes or for other purposes, such as tidying up messy PDF files that only make hard disk space on the computer. Also Read: How to Convert PDF Files to PPT and How to Compress PDF Files


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