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How to Overcome Android Charging Even Less

How to Overcome Android Charging Even Less

How to Overcome Android Charging Even Less
– The battery is one of the most important hardware components on an Android HP device. This battery itself can be likened to the life of an android, where without a battery the cellphone cannot be turned on. There are at least 2 types of HP batteries currently available, namely removable and non-removable batteries or implanted batteries.

The HP battery needs to be charged if it is running low using the charger provided. Charging the cellphone will certainly add power to the battery. However, what if when the cellphone is charged, the power continues to decrease? If you find this on an Android phone, then there must be something wrong with the device. So, how to deal with the Android charging even less? You can read more information below!

There are several factors that can cause the power in the HP battery to continue to decrease when it is charged. Whether it’s due to user factors, problematic chargers, to problematic batteries. As for how to deal with android charging even less completely, as follows:

1. Check Charger Connector

The first thing you need to do if you find that your cellphone is chagging even less power is by checking the charger connector section. Make sure the connector is plugged in or plugged in perfectly into the charger plug on the cellphone. The sign on the cellphone is that there is a notification that the cellphone is charged.

In addition, also check the port or charger plug on the cellphone. See if there is any dust or dirt stuck to it. If so, then you need to clean it using a cotton bud or needle. Do it carefully so as not to damage the components inside.

2. Replacing another charger

Charging an Android cellphone instead of reducing its power can also be caused by using a charger. Maybe you charge your cellphone using a charger from another brand or brand, which is definitely not the default ORI charger from the android smartphone. If this is true, it is certain that this can cause the cellphone to not charge properly, and even the power will continue to decrease.

We recommend that you use the original charger which is the default from the HP. If the original HP charger is damaged, then you can buy an ORI charger directly from the official. Besides being able to cause slow charging, the use of other chargers can also reduce battery performance and not infrequently make it damaged quickly.

3. Putting the Android Phone while Charging

The user’s habit when charging the cellphone is to play it even when it’s charging. Of course this will make the electric current go out and enter at the same time, and not infrequently make the cellphone heat up quickly. Another impact, the battery will take longer to charge or even cause the power to continue to decrease instead of increase.

We recommend that you place the cellphone while it is charging, put it in a flat place and an open area. Make sure you turn off cellular data on your cellphone or turn off your cellphone for maximum charging.

4. Checking Battery Condition

If the HP charger is in normal condition, but the battery power does not increase when it is charged, maybe the problem here is the HP battery. The HP battery is damaged so it can’t store power properly. For example, a leaking battery, a bloated battery or other battery damage problems.

If this is the case, then all you have to do is replace the HP battery with a new one.

That was the way to deal with android charging even less which is easy and powerful you can try to apply. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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