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How to Overcome Android Failed to Boot

How to Overcome Android Failed to Boot

How to Overcome Android Failed to Boot
– Most modern society today mostly can not be separated from the name of the gadget, especially the android smartphone. How come? Almost every time they continue to play their smartphone, even for a long time. No wonder because indeed Android smartphones in particular have been equipped with many advanced features that increasingly pamper its users.

However, there are times when an Android cellphone has an error problem that makes it unable to function optimally. For example, an Android cellphone that fails to boot and cannot enter the HP main menu screen. So, how to solve the android failed to boot? You can read more information below!

Android that fails to boot like this is also known as android bootloop. When the Android boot process fails, it cannot display the main menu screen, but only displays the brand logo image. As for how to solve the android failed to boot, namely:

1. Restart the Android phone

The first way to deal with Android failing to boot or bootloop is to restart it. The way to do this may be slightly different from restarting on an already lit cellphone.

For how to restart an Android cellphone that fails when booting, that is by pressing the Power button for a few seconds. Press and hold the button until the HP screen turns off, then turn the cellphone on again as usual. Later the HP will repeat the boot process from the beginning. Usually this way the cellphone can return to the main screen and you can operate as usual.

2. Do a Factory Reset Android Phone

If you restart as described above, but the phone still fails to boot, then you can try this second alternative. You have to do a factory reset or hard reset on an android phone, where this method will return the cellphone to its original factory settings.

To do a factory reset on an Android phone, it’s very easy, here are the steps:

Turn off the cellphone that fails to boot by pressing the Power button for a few seconds.

If it’s off, now you Press and Hold the Power + Volume Up button (some cellphones use the Power + Volume Bring button) for a few seconds until the display appears on the screen.

When the Recovery Mode page is displayed, then you select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.

Then confirm the HP factory reset by selecting Yes, Wipe Data All.

Wait until the reset process is complete, then you select Reboot System Now


3. Perform Flashing HP Android

If the two methods above still don’t work, then you can try re-flashing your Android phone. This method will not only delete data and return the cellphone to factory default settings, but will also replace the stock ROM used on the cellphone.

To flash this Android phone itself, you can do 2 methods, namely with the help of a PC and without using a PC. Usually you need software or Flash Tool application to do this. In addition, you also need to download the original ROM file according to the type of cellphone you have. You can download the ROM or firmware file on the official HP brand website.

That was the easy and powerful way to deal with Android failing to boot that you can try to apply. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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