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How to Overcome HP Affected by Planted Battery Water

How to Overcome HP Affected by Planted Battery Water

How to Overcome HP Affected by Planted Battery Water

– Today there are many types of Android phones on the market, ranging from low-end, mid-end to high-end cellphones. The prices they offer vary from cheap to expensive. This price depends on the specifications embedded in the smartphone. Some types of HP have their own advantages, for example, battery support with jumbo capacity. As for the battery, most of the latest HPs are equipped with a built-in battery.

Operating an android smartphone, maybe you accidentally drop your cellphone into water or spill a drink. In conditions like this, appropriate steps need to be taken to save HP. Here’s how to deal with cellphones that are exposed to planted battery water that you can apply to keep your cellphone alive and normal.

There are some proper steps you can take to save your HP that is hit or submerged in water. Do not carelessly do something that will actually cause HP to die. As for how to deal with HP that is exposed to water from the planted battery in full, as follows:

1. Immediately turn off the Android phone

The first treatment when the cellphone is exposed to water or sinks is to immediately lift it. After that, you immediately turn off the HP if it is still on. Press the Power button for a few moments, then select Power Off.

This needs to be done to prevent the cellphone from being shorted due to incoming water. Turning off the HP power will cut off the electricity so that the water will not damage the components in the HP.

2. Don’t Shake HP

Another thing that users often do when their cellphone is hit or dropped into the water is to shake it hard. They do this in an effort to remove the water that enters the cellphone. In fact, this is a big mistake, actually shaking the cellphone hard and fast will make water enter the deepest components of the cellphone.

You should not do this again so that water does not get inside. We know that the electrical components in the cellphone if exposed to water, of course, will experience a short circuit and damage.

3. Remove Casing If Necessary

The next right step when the cellphone is exposed to water is to remove the back casing of the cellphone. For cellphones with built-in batteries, usually the back casing of this cellphone is glued so it’s a bit difficult to remove it.

Use a pry to open the back case of the cellphone. If so, you disconnect the battery connector and remove it from the HP body. This method is done to further maximize the prevention of electrical short circuits that can occur on HP.

4. Use Rice or Silica Gel

Both of these materials are highly recommended to be used to dry the water that enters the cellphone. If you choose rice media, you just bury the HP that is exposed to enough water in the rice. Make sure the cellphone is turned off and leave the cellphone buried in rice for 2 to 3 days.

Meanwhile, if you use silica gel media, you just have to store your cellphone that is exposed to water with silica gel in one container. Use a container that has a lid and leave the cellphone with silica gel in it for 1 to 3 days. Just like rice, silica gel also functions to absorb water and humidity in the HP components.

Those were some ways to deal with HP that was exposed to water from the planting battery that you can apply easily and effectively. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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