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How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Sound Again)

How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Sound Again)

The laptop has no sound even though the volume is full, the laptop speaker problem is completely dead, it often occurs in all operating systems, both on Windows 10/8/7.

There are many reasons why laptop speakers don’t sound, ranging from bugs in the computer operating system to hardware damage such as the speakers themselves.

In addition, the sound of laptop speakers suddenly disappears can also be caused by our negligence. For example, we accidentally press the mute button which makes the laptop cannot beep at all.

Apart from that, here are some reasons why laptop speakers don’t make sound.

Causes of Laptop No Sound

  • The computer’s operating system is infected with a virus (usually it rarely happens).
  • Audio drivers have problems usually because they are not compatible or have not been installed after reinstalling Windows.
  • Damaged speaker components are usually indicated by a crackle sound on the speaker or even no sound at all.

Actually there are many more related to anything that causes the laptop to not make a sound at all.

Although this is a trivial matter, it really disturbs our comfort in watching movies on a laptop or just listening to songs.

Well, to overcome the laptop that has no sound. You can read the post below.

how to fix laptop no sound

This tutorial applies to all laptop brands, from Asus, Acer, MSI, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, and others laptops.

In addition, for symptoms of damage such as the sound of laptop speakers breaking and the sound of small laptop speakers until the sound of the laptop speakers turning off, you can also read these tips where the damage is in the speaker component itself.

Well, to fix a laptop that doesn’t sound at all. We can start by checking simple things like the following.

Steps to Overcome Laptop Not Making Sound

Check Audio Sound Status

laptop no sound

The first thing we can check is the status of the laptop speaker, whether the speaker is mute (mute) or unmute (sound).

Most laptop users don’t realize that the speakers are muted which makes the laptop footballer turn off suddenly due to accidentally pressing the mute button.

You can activate it by pressing the speaker icon or you can also increase or decrease the volume.

The Function (Fn) key or what is often called the Function key of the speaker is usually located at the top of the keys on the laptop keyboard.

Surprisingly, this button is often pressed which causes the laptop to make no sound, the laptop screen turns off, the screen contrast goes up, the touchpad is locked and so on.

You can restore it to its original state by pressing the Fn + (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, and F12 keys). Please select based on the function of each button.

Usually to activate the laptop speakers the button used is Fn + F6.

Check Speaker Settings

After knowing the status of the speaker is still enabled or sounds but when playing music through the laptop speaker audio application there is still no sound too.

You can check it in the laptop’s speaker volume settings menu. Very easy and simple of course.

How to Adjust Speaker Volume (Device and Applications)

1. Please click the icon Sound on the Windows taskbar.

laptop no sound after reinstall

2. After that you open the menu Mixer to open its advanced settings.

laptop no sound windows 10

3. Usually we forget that we have previously set it and do not return it as before.

You can equalize volume level between the Device and Applications volume bars and the Audio Application.

laptop no sound windows 7

This issue is very trivial but often occurs due to muted audio apps or speaker zero percent.

Speaker Off (Disable)

Have experienced this before, when the laptop speakers are off there is no sound. The reason is that in the past I’ve experienced a dead laptop speaker on Windows 10 which was due to my negligence.

Sometimes when we fiddle with a computer or PC we forget to restore the settings to the factory defaults.

As for how to turn off speakers on a Windows laptop, it’s very easy, here’s a guide.

laptop no sound windows 8

How to Activate Laptop Speakers

  1. Click icon Sound on the Windows Taskbar.
  2. Then you click logo Speaker to open the menu Speakers Properties.
  3. In the Speaker Settings you go to the tab General.
  4. After that on options Device Usage You choose Use this device (Enable).
  5. Don’t forget to press Apply and OK to save the changes.

The problem is very trivial, of course the solution is also easy. When you disable the laptop speakers, the sound icon usually disappears from the Windows taskbar.

Update Driver Audio Windows

Audio drivers that have not been updated for a long time will cause problems, the emergence of bugs that make the audio on the laptop turn off.

Well, to fix a laptop that has no sound due to this problem. We can update the Windows default audio driver.

The steps are very easy to update the Realtek High Definition Audio driver, here’s the tutorial.

How to Update Audio Driver on Windows Laptop

1. Press the button Windows then enter the keyword Device Manager in the search field then press Enter.

how to fix laptop no sound

2. On your Device Manager menu, scroll down and look for Sound, video and game controllers select Realtek High Definition Audio which is the default audio driver for Windows OS.

how to fix laptop no sound on windows 10

3. In section Realtek High Definition Audio Properties You go to tab Driver then select Update Driver.

4. Usually a pop up menu will appear Update Drivers Software – Realtek High Definition Audioplease choose an option Search automatically for updated driver software.

how to fix laptop no sound windows 7

It is important to turn on your internet network in order to be able to update the program.

5. If a message like this comes out Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. This means that the audio driver is the latest version and does not need to be updated again.

6. Press Close to close it.

how to fix laptop no sound windows 8

If at this stage the laptop speakers are still dead, you can continue the method below.

Reinstall Audio Driver

Although by default the audio driver is installed when we finish reinstalling Windows, this does not guarantee that the audio driver can work.

Therefore, many of us are looking for other audio drivers, this is because these audio drivers are considered more suitable and can work better.

You can do the same thing to solve the dead laptop speaker.

Of course, what must be considered when installing the audio driver is the specifications and capabilities of the audio driver.

Select and use an audio driver that matches the specifications of the laptop used.

You can search online to download the laptop audio driver for free.


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