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How to pay for purchases in AppGallery with Russian cards: solutions to common mistakes

How to pay for purchases in AppGallery with Russian cards: solutions to common mistakes

The other day, AppGallery pleased users of Huawei and all Android devices in general, returning the ability to pay with cards within applications and, thus, becoming the only major app store in the Russian Federation that accepts conventional bank cards.

In most cases, in order to correctly link the card to Huawei ID, it is necessary to update the Huawei HMS Core services, which are installed in parallel with the application store itself. But in some cases, other problems may occur. Below you will find a detailed analysis of the key errors and problems that users face when connecting bank cards of Visa, Mastercard and Mir systems in AppGallery, and, of course, options for solving them.

1. An error occurs when linking a card to a Huawei account

The developers set up the binding of bank cards based on the most current version of HMS Core (6.7.0) at that time. In order for bank cards to work correctly, update HMS Core and clear the cache in the settings. It is also important to delete all previously linked cards before linking a new card.

If after that you cannot link the card, you can try to cancel all paid subscriptions and then link the card. This, of course, is an extremely inconvenient matter, but, most likely, in the next updates of AppGallery and HMS Core, developers will “make friends” with old subscriptions and new maps.

2. Payment from devices where AppGallery and HMS Core are not preinstalled

An error when paying for Android smartphone owners “crawls out” if HMS Core is not installed on the device along with AppGallery, a framework that provides such basic services as Huawei Account, payments and Notifications, without a separate icon on the home screen. Simply search for the HMS Core App in the AppGallery and click Install.

3. The app does not show the purchase, but the payment went through

If you made an in-app purchase with a credit card, the payment went through, but you don’t see the purchase in the app itself, there might be a network delay. Exit the application, log in again and check – “your charm” in the form of coins, crystals and emeralds should be credited in full. If you still do not see the purchase, the fastest way to figure it out is to contact to support in Telegram. My test request was processed immediately, in time the operator answered in about a minute or two.

4. Unable to get data for making a payment

Usually, this problem occurs when the game client for some reason does not connect to your Huawei account (you link your bank card data to pay for in-game purchases to it). Often, developers themselves notice such “lags” and solve the problem along with updating the game client. Accordingly, the first thing to do is to install updates from the AppGallery or inside the game itself.

You can also try updating HMS Core: if the problem is in an outdated version of HMS Core, after this step, authorization in the client using HUAWEI ID should work correctly.

How to pay for purchases in AppGallery with Russian cards: solutions to common mistakes

5. The “Confirm” button does not work when paying by card

There may be a technical bug that the developers have not yet managed to fix. Try not to link the card directly to Huawei ID, but clear the cache and go straight to the in-app purchase. Then select payment by card and enter the data – after payment, the card will be automatically linked.

Now you can pay for purchases in AppGallery in the usual way.

You can also make in-game purchases with Huawei virtual coins: they are credited as cashback for purchases. There is an opportunity to receive coins for free – developers reward testers of games that are preparing for release in the AppGallery with them. You can join the community of testers here.


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