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How to Play Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile

How to Play Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile

Games that have some kind of death element commonly incorporate zombies nowadays. Zombies have become pretty popular creatures to include and the majority of gamers feel really excited and comfortable with them, whether it’s in an FPS game, survival-themed game, or horror-themed game.

Even Call of Duty: Mobile made a wise decision of including the popular Zombies Mode from their primary series. To survive this game, it’s vital to stay quite vigilant because these zombies might approach from any angle and at any point, making the game play more interesting. In this Undead Siege mode, players are required to battle zombies and eliminate them for five straight days and nights while imprisoned on an island map. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

How to Play Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile

Since the introduction in World at War released in 2008, the Zombies mode in Call of Duty games has become a real fan favorite. In 2020, Call of Duty Mobile Zombies offered players the exciting option to battle the living dead while on the go. So, if you are still unaware of how to play the game, today we will help you with the answer to How to play thrilling Zombies mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

  • Players must first download the necessary files for CoD: Mobile’s Undead Siege mode from the internet to play it.
  • Necessary files include Undead Siege’s game mode, map, and other components.
  • Then you need to go to the Events tab on the right side of the Multiplayer menu if the game mode is offered.
  • Look for the Undead Siege option under Featured by selecting that option. It indicates the game mode is accessible if it appears.
  • When you click it, the matchmaking procedure will continue with you and three other players, who will be your teammates.

Remember that even after downloading this mode, it is not always accessible. If you want to play this, constantly keep checking the official statements online. The developers often bring it back from time to time.

Is CoD Mobile Compatible for Solo Game Play?

No, unfortunately, you cannot play it in solo mode. To play zombies on CoD Mobile, you must either start looking for a way to play with your friends or matchmaking openly.

When will the Zombies Mode return in Call of Duty Mobile?

There is no confirmation of the comeback date for CoD: Mobile’s Undead Siege mode. In the community update of February 29, the developers of CoD mentioned removing the zombie mode. Then it was taken out on March 31 when Season 5: Tropical Vision ended. This might be the case because the developers’ expectations for the Undead Siege weren’t met.

However, there’s a chance Activision will bring the temporary mode back to CoD Mobile to mark the arrival of the Shi No Numa map in Call of Duty: Vanguard. At the start of Season 9, it’s also anticipated that the Shi No Numa map will return to Call of Duty Mobile. Expect it to be a while before it returns because Season 6 has only recently been released.

Activision stated in a Reddit post that they had always stated that it was restricted but without a specific end date. Activision also stated that they wanted to get the feedback, gauge the reception, and see how we may adjust the mode for the future. But the mode simply didn’t achieve the quality standard they wanted. The global release of the second map, Nacht Der Untoten, is also delayed.


Even though the game mode is not currently playable, you still benefit from learning a few tips and warnings to be completely ready for the attack when it comes back on.

Collect As Much Loot As You Can:

The first tip of the day is that it would be the best idea to acquire as much stuff as your squad can as fast as you can, as the zombies get stronger every night that goes by. Gathering more resources to live on potentially more difficult-to-kill zombies will never be a waste. This would also give you more freedom to anticipate the approaching zombies, which is another plus.

Make Use Of The Side Missions:

The second tip would be playing the side missions. There are occasionally a few secondary tasks accessible in the Undead Siege in addition to the main goal. That generally is about killing every last one of them. These side missions are highly crucial since completing them will get you a good amount of stuff.

Use the Vehicles:

Our last tip is always to use the vehicles to stroll around the island to explore deeper reaches that might have more useful items. This comprises vehicles you can use around the island, such as trucks, helicopters, and boats.


Safeguard & Fortify Your Control Centre:

Once you start playing Undead Siege, the Control Center will serve as your base and residence. Therefore, you must defend the Control Center at all costs, especially from the zombies like the Machine Gunner or Warden. You can use the time you save to do other things by minimizing your Control Centre’s potential damage.

Investigate During The Day:

It is always preferable to conduct all of your excursions during the day. As we all know, the Undead Siege runs happen at different times of day and night. You can scout out in day time and gather as many tools and supplies as possible, such as weapons and other things you’ll need to survive, so that you can be ready to face any surprise attack from zombies at night.


We regret having to deliver this time’s bad news to Call of Duty Mobile Zombies players. However, remember to return to us for further news, guides, and reviews on all things video game-related.

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