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Many complain of anxiety, fear, insomnia and depression. has prepared several recommendations on how to restore the psyche and strength after a shock. 

1.Drink more water 

The stress experienced people was associated with a threat to security and life. At such moments, a sharp release of adrenaline occurs in the human body, which, in turn, increases blood clotting. It is very important to increase the amount of water consumed (not soda or juice, but water!) To reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels. 

2.Breathe deeply 

Add short breathing sessions to your daily schedule. Just sit quietly for five minutes and breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling through your nose for four or eight counts. Doing these exercises at the end of the day will help you fall asleep faster. If you practice yoga or any kind of meditation, then be sure to set aside time for this. Now everything that helps you maintain a resource state and balance in everyday life will benefit. 

3.Follow the diet and do gymnastics

Stick to the diet you are used to. However, it is better to reduce the amount of coffee. You can add herbal teas with a calming effect to your diet and drink them in the late afternoon. Be sure to exercise at least 10-15 minutes a day. Even small physical activities can improve the emotional state. In addition, you will feel more collected, and it will be easier to cope with stress. 
The same recommendations apply to the daily routine in general: wake up, work (even remotely), have breakfast, lunch, dinner and go to bed according to the same schedule that you had before the tragic events.

4.Reduce the amount of information consumed 

Bloggers in social networks, local and foreign news resources publish disparate information that provokes a lot of controversy, and they do not always do without mutual insults. Protect yourself from the flow of negativity – choose the publics that you trust the most and limit yourself to receiving information only from them no more than three times a day. Do not succumb to provocations and do not participate in the “battles of commentators”. Endless monitoring of the Internet and arguments in this situation will only exacerbate anxiety. 

5.Communicate more with loved ones 

Yes, it seems that now it is almost impossible to think about something other than the events that have occurred, but you need to force yourself to live on. In addition, we are all limited in communication, but try to talk more with your loved ones, at least by phone. Discuss topics that are related to plans for the future and evoke positive emotions. Watch a movie with the whole family or read a good book. 

6.Help those who are more difficult 

Perhaps among your neighbors there are lonely pensioners or people who need your support. Ask how you can help them – suddenly someone does not have the opportunity to go to the pharmacy or for bread. By helping others in difficult situations, you are helping yourself. Mutual assistance and unity are the best medicines in difficult situations. 

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