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How to Reset Network Adapter in Windows 10 Complete

How to Reset Network Adapter in Windows 10 Complete

Reset network or reset the network in Windows is often done when the laptop / PC is difficult to connect to the internet.

As for resetting Windows network settings, it’s very easy, just open it in the Windows Settings menu.

Through the Settings menu we can reset the Windows network connection so that we can reconnect to the internet network.

Immediately following the trick to reset the wireless network adapter on Windows.

how to reset network on windows

The thing to note before resetting Windows network settings is to prepare the dial up number and password.

Well, for the dial up number is below.

Nomor Dial Up Network Adapter


As for the password, please enter it according to taste.

Steps to Reset Windows Wireless Network Adapter

1. Press the button Windows (Menu Start).

cara reset network windows 10

2. Open the menu Settings (Gear icon) to perform Windows settings.

3. In this Settings menu you select the option Network & Internet (Wi-Fi airplane mode, VPN).

how to reset network in windows 10

4. After that you open the tab Status then select Network reset.

cara reset network adapter windows 10

5. Press the button Reset now to reset network on your laptop/PC.

cara reset network connection windows 10

6. Are you sure you want to reset your network settings? Select Yes for confirmation.

how to reset windows 10 network settings

7. Finally, a notification will usually appear like “Youre about to be signed out” You Close just.

how to reset windows network

Previously, if you have unfinished work, you should save it first. This is because the PC / Computer will turn off within 5 minutes.

Also read interesting tips how to set up Telkomsel APN and How to set Indosat APN on 3G / 4G signals to overcome slow network connections.

At this point, you have successfully reset the internet network on Windows 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

This network reset / restart allows us to erase all previous network adapter settings. So it’s really clean and to change the ip address you can use a VPN / Proxy.

Through these tips, at least you can overcome Windows 10 that can’t connect to the internet, not only that, this method can also be used for Windows 8.1 or 7.

That’s a tutorial on how to reset the network on Windows, see you in the next post.


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