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How to Reset Vivo Forgot Password (Factory Reset)

How to Reset Vivo Forgot Password (Factory Reset)

Tips and tricks about Android phones this time we will discuss tutorials on how to reset Vivo phones of all series, such as: Vivo Y65, V11, Y17, Y91, V15, Y15, Y95, Y53, Y71, and other Vivo series. This method is suitable for use on all existing Vivo cellphone types, while if you find a difference, maybe only a small part of it.

We usually reset cellphones for emergencies, or even to sell them again as second cellphones. How to reset a Vivo cellphone that forgets the password is one of the cases that often occurs, usually because we don’t save it so we experience a lot of forgetting passwords.

Resetting Vivo cellphones allows Vivo cellphones to look fresher like new cellphones again, therefore sometimes when we want to resell these used cellphones we have to reset Vivo cellphones first to prevent our cellphone history from being read by other people.

As for the guide on how to reset on a Vivo cellphone, you can see it in the following post.

How to Reset Vivo Mobile to Factory Settings

You can use the guide below to hard reset the Vivo cellphone, please choose the method that you think is appropriate for the conditions related to the case you are experiencing. However, previously there were a few HP reset tips that you can follow below.

Tips Reset Hp Android

Before resetting the cellphone, we should back up important files, although we can manage what files are deleted. This is just in case if during the reset an error occurs or hangs during the reset process.

Reset Hp Vivo (Hard Reset)

1. First, please turn off the Vivo cellphone first by long pressing the Power button to display advanced settings.

2. The second step that you can follow so that the Vivo HP reset runs successfully is to press and just hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for just a few seconds. Usually when the Android logo appears you can release the button.

3. In the next section we will enter the Recovery Mode section where to repair our mobile device.

4. Next you can select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, to execute the command you can press the Volume button and then press the Power button to agree.

5. After a while we wait, usually there is a Reboot System Now menu then press the Power button again to agree.

6. The last step is to wait while the cellphone reset process is in progress. You can make a cup of coffee.

The method for resetting the Vivo cellphone above is suitable for use, especially for those who have forgotten their Vivo cellphone password.

How to reset a Vivo cellphone

Reset Hp Vivo (Factory Reset)

1. If you use this method, it will be a little inconvenient if you forget the cellphone pattern or password. This is because usually to run a command we are required to first enter the password or cellphone password.

2. Please open the application via the Settings menu to open the settings, if you have selected More Settings for advanced settings.

3. If the advanced settings have been successfully opened, please select Backup and Reset, then press Reset All Settings to open the settings for deleting existing data on your Android Vivo cellphone.

If you want to keep some files you can still have them in the Reset All Settings section, select some files that you don’t want to delete. However, if you want to delete all data automatically on the Vivo cellphone, you can choose Erase All Data.

4. If you have decided to delete the file. Usually after that a notification notification will appear. You just select Erase Phone Storage to start clearing disk space on the Vivo cellphone. Finally you just press Reset Phone to delete it.

5. Well, this is the disadvantage of using this method, namely that we are required to enter a password or password to run a command. Here you are required to input a password before resetting the cellphone.

Resetting a locked Vivo cellphone in this way is arguably not optimal and sometimes it often fails because we forget the cellphone pattern or password.

6. After you have successfully entered the cellphone password, please wait a few moments until the Vivo cellphone reset process is completely finished. After the cellphone reset process, the appearance of your Vivo cellphone will automatically look cleaner and fresher by returning the Vivo cellphone to like new when you first use it.

Resetting cellphones is often done by some smartphone users to restore their cellphone devices, usually because the cellphone feels too slow or hangs frequently. How to reset a cellphone is considered to be very effective in significantly restoring cellphone performance.

More than that, for other small problems on our cellphone, it has also been resolved a little because we have restored the condition of the cellphone to default or factory default.

You can do these tips and tricks for resetting Vivo Android phones if you follow the cellphone reset tutorial above.

That’s all for how to reset a Vivo cellphone for all types, you can start trying it on your Android Vivo cellphone.


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