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How to save on a Telegram Premium subscription: a proven way

How to save on a Telegram Premium subscription: a proven way

On June 19, the Telegram messenger released a major update 8.8, which for the first time introduced exclusive features for a fee. The cost of a Telegram Premium subscription differs depending on the platform and payment method. On Android, from the official methods, the purchase is available only with the help of a bot, while on Apple devices the price of the service is 449 rubles. However, you can save a significant amount.

How to buy Telegram Premium for 299 rubles

How to save on a Telegram Premium subscription: a proven way

449 rubles is the maximum price, relevant only for iPhone users. It includes a large Apple fee on all payments made through the App Store. There is a possibility that the announced payment of 309 rubles for Android (the lowest in terms of tariff) will eventually turn into 449 rubles due to similar requirements from Google Play. But there is a much cheaper option, and it is openly offered by Telegram itself.

For simplified connection of Telegram Premium, developers have released a special bot @PremiumBot. Moreover, the tool works without sanctions restrictions and supports payment by any Russian bank cards, including Mir. The process is very simple and only takes about a minute.

  1. Open a chat with a bot @PremiumBot and enter the /start command to activate it.
  2. In the sent message with the invoice, click the “Pay 299 rubles” button.
  3. Go to the “Payment Method” section and enter your card details. Telegram offers to save the details for automatic filling in the future.
  4. Accept the Telegram User Agreement and click “Pay 299 rubles”.
  5. Ready! The bot will notify you that the payment has been received. The subscription is activated instantly.
How to save on a Telegram Premium subscription: a proven way

After activation, Telegram Premium will work on other devices with the same account, the phone number of which is linked to the subscription. The bot will also report the exact date and time when it ends. Don’t forget that your renewal account will be debited on that day.

What are the nuances if you activate now

The Telegram desktop clients for Windows and macOS have not been updated at the time of writing to support the unique features and display message effects associated with Telegram Premium. The web versions of Telegram WebK and WebZ are similarly not optimized. Android users cannot buy Telegram Premium directly in the corresponding section of the application due to the Google Play payment system not working in Russia.

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