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How to Screenshot Xiaomi Android Phones All Series

How to Screenshot Xiaomi Android Phones All Series

Do you already know how to screenshot your Xiaomi cellphone? If not, here are some reviews about the trick. Screen capture or taking pictures on a smartphone screen is a trick to store information quickly and practically.

Good news for you MIUI cellphone users which already supports long screen screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones without the need to install additional applications.

As a result, it is easier for us to capture the full screen display, such as taking screenshots of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram chats, and others.

More than that, screenshots on Xiaomi smartphones can also be done with the Power and Volume buttons, which are quite practical because without opening the screenshot application first.

Immediately, here is a screenshot guide on a Xiaomi Android cellphone that you can try.

This screenshot tutorial with Xiaomi cellphones applies to all types or series of products, such as Xiaomi Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi, Mi MIX, Mi Note, Mi Max, etc.

However, the screenshot feature for Xiaomi itself might be a little different, especially for old Xiaomi, which usually doesn’t have the latest features.

However, don’t worry, the SemutImut page has prepared a variety of other interesting methods that you can try according to the Xiaomi cellphone specifications.

Steps to Take Screenshots on the Latest and Old Type Xiaomi Android Phones

how to screenshot xiaomi cellphone screen

Screenshot of Xiaomi Mobile with Power and Volume Buttons

  1. First, please set the position of the object that you want to capture the image or screenshot.
  2. After that you press and hold the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously, so that the screen doesn’t turn off you can press the Volume button first.
  3. Usually the screen will flash and sound shuuter which indicates that the screenshot was successful.

Finally, you can open a screenshot (Screenshot) in the gallery of your Android phone.
how to screenshot on a xiaomi cellphone

Xiaomi Mobile Screenshots Without Additional Applications

  1. Place the object according to your wishes, can be shifted or enlarged (Zoom).
  2. Then you swipe down on the status bar area to open the Notification Bar menu.
  3. After that you can select the Screenshot option to take a picture on your Xiaomi cellphone screen.
  4. This method is easier to do because it doesn’t require coordinating key combinations.

On Xiaomi phones, the Notification Bar menu does not only contain WiFi, but also has a Screenshot to screenshot a xiaomi cellphone with 3 fingers

Xiaomi mobile screenshot with 3 fingers

  1. Please enter the Settings menu or (Settings) on a Xiaomi cellphone.
  2. Next you open Additional Settings (Additional Settings) then select (Button and gesture shortcuts)
  3. In this option you select Screenshot (Take a screenshot).
  4. Then you activate Slide 3 finger down by sliding the points slider.
  5. After successfully activating Xiaomi’s Swipe Down Screenshot feature, now you can use it.
  6. Place and arrange the object first and then you swipe down on the Xiaomi screen with 3 fingers simultaneously.
  7. Then the screen will automatically capture the image.

Finally, you can edit the screenshot image with your favorite photo editing application.

So how do you take screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones so that they are long or full screen?

how to screenshot long screen on xiaomi

How to take long screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones without applications

  1. Set the object you want to take a picture of first.
  2. Then you press the Volume button + Menu button, or you can also press the Volume + Power button. Choose the one that feels easy.
  3. After that, a screenshot menu bar will usually appear, you just tap the Scroll or Scroll button.
  4. This option allows us to take a screenshot as a whole or full screen.
  5. Press the Done button to stop the screenshot area.

Long screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones without this application are suitable for you to use to capture chats or chats on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others.
Actually there are many more alternatives or ways to capture images on Xiaomi cellphone screens, for example we can use the Quick Ball feature on the Xiaomi smartphone Settings menu.

This hotkey feature allows us to more easily take screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones, without the hassle of having to press a difficult combination button.

how to screenshot a xiaomi cellphone without an application

How to Edit Screenshots on Xiaomi Phones

A few additional tips for those of you who want to tidy up or edit the screenshots.

  • Please go to the Google Play Store.
  • Enter the keyword PixelLab in the search field.
  • You download and install the Pixelab application.
  • This application is very nice and easy to use for editing photos or images on Android phones with abundant features and tool functions.

At this point, you can already capture images on the Xiaomi screen or screenshots, as for being able to record activity on the Xiaomi screen, you need a screen recorder application.

This tutorial on how to screenshot on a Xiaomi cellphone with or without this application, hopefully can help you capture images on a Xiaomi smartphone screen as you wish, up to full screen.


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