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How to Show Google Chrome Full Screen is Easy

How to Show Google Chrome Full Screen is Easy

Displaying the full screen in the browser does have its own satisfaction which makes the page display wider and taller. Therefore, many users want to switch to full screen mode in Google Chrome.

The way to activate full screen mode on the Google Chrome browser is very easy, where you can display the page in full 100% of the entire desktop screen through this mode.

Immediately, here’s how to display full screen on Google Chrome that you can try.

cara full screen google chrome

Some things that we can maximize when displaying the full screen size is that we can read pdf files in the Chrome browser more clearly.

Until other activities that are still connected online such as the use of Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google Earth, all of which will be more optimal when in full screen mode.

Steps to Show Chrome Full Screen

How to Full Screen Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac

cara full screen chrome
  1. Open browser Google Chrome on your PC desktop screen.
  2. Open the menu Customize and control Google Chrome usually in the top right corner of the browser (3 Vertical Dots Icon).
  3. Then hover over options Zoom exactly on the icon [ ] (Full Screen).
  4. The browser automatically switches from standard screen display to Chrome full screen mode.

Well, to lock Chrome’s full screen, we can use the button Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, dst…

We need this key combination to switch from one active Chrome browser tab to another.

As a result we can still switch to other tabs without having to first exit Chrome’s full screen mode.

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However, it is still not possible to make Chrome full screen automatically or make this feature the default setting.

This is because when disabling the full screen Chrome we have to get out of the full screen mode, as a result we cannot immediately open the browser in full screen state without first switching from the regular screen to the full screen.

It turns out that it’s very easy not to activate Chrome’s full screen mode on this laptop or PC, then we will discuss how to turn off the Chrome browser’s full screen feature.

How to Exit Chrome’s Full Screen

There are several methods that we can use, please choose the method that you think is easiest to use.

Apart from that, sometimes some key functions don’t work properly, so if that happens we can still use the other method.

Disable Full Screen Via Close Button

how to lock chrome full screen
  1. Hover over the section top browser Chrome.
  2. It will automatically exit cross mark (X) which you can press the button to shrink the Chrome browser screen.
  3. This method can be applied to various types of operating systems ranging from Windows to Mac OS.

In addition, this method can also be a solution when the Mouse Right Click function does not work.

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Disable Full Screen Via Right Click

cara auto full screen chrome
  1. Please you Klik Kanan Mouse in the Google Chrome browser page area.
  2. After that select the option Exit full screen to return to the standard Chrome view.
  3. Up here you have managed to shrink the Chrome screen as before.

This last alternative is actually very practical, but for some cases we can’t use it.

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Disable Full Screen with F11 Tombol Key

cara full screen chrome laptop
  1. As soon as we enter full screen mode in Chrome, we get a notification “Press F11 to exit full screen”.
  2. Please press F11 key on your laptop/PC keyboard.
  3. If it doesn’t work, try combining it with the Function key Fn + F11.

Through this F11 key to exit Chrome’s full screen display is indeed very easy although in some cases this key can not work.

Some features are not active when entering full screen browser mode such as tab window, taskbar, browser menu, and browser extensions. As for the bookmark bar, we can still see it in full screen mode.

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Well, for those who are confused about how to return the Google Chrome full screen, you can repeat it as when activating it.

Apart from that, the benefits we get from full screen mode in the Chrome browser are that we can focus on reading articles or watching videos with a larger screen size.

Usually because of the small screen display makes it difficult for us to read more clearly.

Unfortunately, the Chrome Android full screen feature is not yet available, so it’s only limited to the desktop display for mobile or cellphones, maybe in the future Google will provide it.

The full screen feature can indeed display the full screen in a larger size, but to enlarge the browser page you need to zoom.

You can read about it in the post how to zoom in chrome page so that the writing or text is easy to read.

The guide on how to full screen Chrome above hopefully can help you in activating the full screen feature on the Google Chrome browser on your PC / laptop.

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