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How to Translate in Google Docs Via Android Phone & PC

How to Translate in Google Docs Via Android Phone & PC

The translate feature in Google Docs has actually been instilled for a long time but until now it turns out that there are still many who don’t know how to translate in Google Docs.

We can translate in Google Docs very easily, this is because this translator tool has become one package and we don’t have to bother copying and pasting between sentences like when using Google Translate.

In addition, when we translate documents in Google Translate, we can only translate up to 3900 characters. This is of course different from translate in Google Docs which is not limited to the number of characters.

Apart from that all because this service is web-based so you can translate in Google Docs via an Android phone or laptop (PC).

Immediately, here’s how to translate in Google Documents on a cellphone or computer.

how to translate in google docs

Translate with Google Docs is not only easier for the results but also better than before, where the translation language used to be still stiff.

Well, for now the translation results between words are easy to read.

Tips for you if you use a translator, try to translate per sentence so the results of the translated language are not confusing.

Steps to Translate in Google Docs

1. Login (Login) to a Google account using Gmail.

2. Open the official Google Docs website via the url link below.

3. In your Google Docs menu bar open the menu Tools (Alat).

how to translate in google docs

4. Next you select the option Translate document.

5. Exit pop up Choose a language please select the language by opening the dropdown menu.

how to translate in google documents on cellphone

In this example I want to translate English to Indonesian, so I choose Indonesian as the destination language.

6. Don’t forget to press the button Translate (Translate).

how to translate in google documents

We will automatically be taken to a new tab which is a translated copy of the previous original, the difference is that this copy is a translation of the original document.

how to translate on google docs

More or less the results of transleting with Google Docs as above, after that you can save or Save Google Docs the results of the translation. In addition, you can also share it or share it by publishing the document.

Also read tips on how to activate Google Chrome auto translate automatic language translator feature in browser pages.

How easy is it not to translate writing or text in this Google Doc. The rest, if you want to learn more about using other Google products such as Google Drive, you can read the short guide below.

Guide how to use Google Drive from uploading files to sharing files to various social media.

The rest is no less interesting, we can also type by voice in Google Docs or Voice Typing which through this feature we can write long texts quickly and certainly not tired from typing too long on the keyboard.

This tutorial on how to translate in Google Docs via an Android cellphone or laptop (PC) hopefully can help you in translating foreign languages ​​that are difficult to understand.


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