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How to wear pencil skirts? 10 practical tips to find your style!

pencil skirts

Pencil skirts have long ceased to be just a garment to wear at work and are now an integral part of our everyday clothing!

In the collective imagination is the classic office skirts, those to be worn with rigorous looks composed of single-color shirts and blouses, jackets and decollete with heels, but pencil skirts have long ceased to be just a garment to wear at work and now they are an integral part of our everyday clothing.

They are present in our wardrobe in many different variations and accompany us in every moment of our daily life: in the office, in the afternoons around with friends, during the evenings for two with our sweetheart and even in free time.

Better known as pencil skirts, pencil skirts are popular because they are a very sensual garment, you do not necessarily have to have a long-limbed silhouette to wear them, you just need to have a well-proportioned body and be careful to always combine them with shoes with heels in order to to slim the figure a little and be sure not to make a mistake.

The pencil skirts, which with their high waist come straight down to the knee, are a fundamental garment for the more classic bon ton style, which is inspired by the sober elegance of the 1950s.

The black pencil skirt is a classic with a long history behind it, much loved by women and chosen for both elegant outfits and more lively looks. The models in stretch fabric can be coordinated with white blouses and sweaters in the same shade, but you can also opt for a total black look if you prefer, wearing shoes and bag in contrasting tones. The little black dress also allows combinations with printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, but a particular type of pencil skirt is the leather one, in the winter season an irresistible must-have: the leather sheath dresses go well with tops and sweaters in dark tones, but even with denim shirts if you prefer a more casual and modern outfit.

Back strongly on the catwalks and red carpets, they must be present in the wardrobes of all women who aim for a feminine and chic style: here are 10 useful tips on buying and matching pencil skirts.


Pencil skirts are particularly suitable for women who have a well-proportioned physique, especially if they have a narrow waist and a toned abdomen. For the shorter ones, under one meter and 60, a model no longer than half the knee is recommended, for those with large hips, heels are required to slim the figure.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the pencil skirt is the office look. Neutral colors are the best for a work environment: combine the skirt in a classic way with a slightly disheveled shirt and black pumps.


pencil skirts

In your free time you can wear pencil skirts, which are very tight, with something loose like a sweater, a sweater or a loose top. If the silhouette is not exactly wiry, it is better to tuck the sweater inside the skirt or balance it with a belt at the waist, to avoid the bundle effect and create a feminine hourglass shape. For more casual occasions, to be trendy, combine sneakers in flou colors with the black skirt.


If you want to wear them in an evening outfit, the key is to choose an elegant fabric. Lurex fabrics are very on trend right now – add a sleeveless blouse, sparkly necklace and stunning stilettos.


Although in the summer season it is normal to prefer fresh and light dresses, a perfect look for outdoor evenings includes pencil skirt, colored crepe tank top and jeweled sandals or flip-flops.


In winter, the choice of footwear is fundamental: the decollete, with and without plateau, and the brogues with heels are good, while for the boots you have to pay attention to the height, avoiding those that reach the knee and preferring models that slightly exceed ankle.


pencil skirts

Coat, trench coat or duster in mid-season: in any case it is important that the length of these overcoats is less than that of the skirt, which must always be seen. Perfect, then, the trapeze coat, which creates a delightful vintage effect.


Nothing is more “preppy style” than a denim pencil skirt: pair it with a red t-shirt with white stripes and you will have a sexy and timeless look.


pencil skirts

For a street style fashion choose the leather or eco-leather pencil skirt: with lace tops or wool jackets, you will be amazed at how easy it is to combine and wear this garment, beyond all expectations.


The curviest can, to ensure an effect that enhances their image, I recommend opting for a top with ruffles or a deep V-neck. Using the color blocks, finally, make sure that the darker shade is applied to the body area that you are trying to hide.

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