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IgAnny sneak peeks Instagram limited-time news, download and save as MP4, JPG

How to browse anonymously on Instagram? Most users may choose to open a small account to peek at the posts of a specific account. After all, there will be no record of browsing posts, but if they view other people’s posts, they will be displayed in the list of users who have viewed them, and they will still be blocked. The other party found that if you don’t register and log in to your account, you can still view the content on the IG web page, but you can’t browse the posts. I wrote before, “8 Anonymous peeking at IG’s limited-time dynamics without leaving viewing records “Service Organizer” has introduced services that allow you to browse posts or limited-time dynamics even when you are not logged in.

This article will introduce “IgAnony” is an anonymous Instagram limited-time dynamic viewer, download tool, fast and easy, you can watch limited-time dynamics without anyone knowing, the feature of this service is completely free! And there is no need to log in or install, just enter the IG account or user page link to be viewed, and the IgAnonym online tool can be used on any mobile device connected to the Internet, including iPhone, iPad and Android. The service does not collect any user information.

In addition, IgAnny can also view Instagram posts, download time-limited dynamics (photos, videos) and personal display pictures. Photos are in JPG, video MP4 format, and it is also useful for downloading and backing up IG limited-time dynamics.


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After opening the IgAnny website, you will see the following screen, just enter the IG account or personal page URL that you want to view anonymously, but please note that this service (or all services) can only support public accounts, if you want to track and obtain browsing Private accounts with permissions do not apply.



The result of IgAnny will display the profile picture, name and introduction of the account. Scroll down to browse the time-limited dynamics (Stories) and posts (Posts). In addition, there is a “Profile Picture HD” function in the lower left corner that will display the personal profile picture HD high-quality pictures, if you need to download the avatar of a specific IG account, you can also use this function to save the picture.



At the bottom of the IgAnny page, you will see the limited-time dynamics of the account. You can click to play the video, or click “Download” to save, you can download the limited-time content without logging in or installing software, and the video will be saved in MP4 format.


As mentioned earlier, IgAnny can also be used as an IG post viewer, and you can save photos or videos without using your own account or application.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. IgAnny can browse Instagram anonymously without leaving a record
  2. You can also view the content of IG specific user posts without registering or logging in
  3. Download and save time-lapse video photos in MP4 and JPG formats


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