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ImgCleaner makes photo editing easy, remove unnecessary people or objects easily

imgcleaner 01 - ImgCleaner makes photo editing easy, remove unnecessary people or objects easily

Everyone knows that it has become very easy to remove the background of pictures through AI technology, and it can even be said to be fully automatic. I wrote “2023 latest 32 free online back removal tool recommendations, fully automatic and fast removal of photo background” and sorted it out. I read it , I find it very convenient to remove the back tool. If you want to remove some parts of the picture, such as the background passerby, specific text or objects, you can now use AI technology to reduce the difficulty of related editing. Time and money costs, as long as you remove the range mark and let the program perform identification analysis, the marked range will be removed and possible colors will be added.

I have introduced some online tools for clearing specific parts from pictures before, and I will help you organize them from old to new:

This article recommends “ImgCleaner“is a smart image cleaning tool that cleans up images or photos by deleting unnecessary objects. This tool is 100% free to use and provides the latest AI technology to allow users to get a faster and better editing experience. Using ImgCleaner only needs to remove the image Upload (JPG and PNG formats are supported), mark out the area to be deleted with the mouse, and AI will analyze it and try to remove it from the picture, and it will look natural.

ImgCleaner integrates the latest AI image cleaning and restoration technology. It claims that it only takes a few seconds to complete complex editing. It can delete any unnecessary objects from the image, such as objects, people, traces, watermarks or various texts. In addition, ImgCleaner also emphasizes the privacy and security of users. There is no subscription or payment required to use this service, and all uploaded pictures will be automatically cleared within 24 hours.

If you want to replace something in the picture with another item, you can also try the service “DALL·E uses description to let AI create pictures, and can also edit existing pictures to present realistic effects”, using natural language descriptions to let AI assist in clearing or Is replaced with other items.


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After opening the ImgCleaner website, click “Upload an Image” to upload the image to be edited, or directly drag the image to the dotted line area. Only JPG and PNG are supported, and the maximum image size is 2K (resolution less than 2048×1080).



After uploading the picture, the editing function will appear. Adjust the tip size of the brush from the “Brush Size” on the right, and fill the area to be deleted. If necessary, you can also set the “Inpaint Strength” repair strength option below.


Fill in the person or object to be deleted, turn it into a light blue area, and click “Erase” on the right to clear it.



It takes a while to clear, and the AI ​​automation program will start to analyze the range, background and surrounding colors, which may take more than tens of seconds.



In this way, the specific person or object in the photo can be removed, but the actual effect will still depend on the complexity of the photo. In principle, the simpler the background, the better the completion, and the less likely it is to be seen. Mark of.



In order to test whether ImgCleaner can really complete the cleaning work perfectly, I went to find another picture with a white background. This picture comes from the well-known free gallery Pixel, and I just depicted a paragraph of text.


Press Erase to start automated processing such as analysis, erasure, and color correction.



The result of the first edit is that there are still some residual traces, but it doesn’t matter, ImgCleaner allows users to continue editing for an unlimited number of times, so use the brush to draw the remaining part, click the clear button and analyze again, and it’s done Pretty good cleaning results.

Click “Download” in the lower right corner to download and save the completed picture.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Using the latest AI technology, it can quickly analyze and remove unnecessary people or objects in the picture
  2. Just upload the picture (JPG, PNG is supported), mark out the range to be deleted with the mouse and it will be processed automatically
  3. Adjustable brush tip size, repair strength, unlimited repeated clearing

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