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Installing BlackArch Tools on Arch Linux

BlackArch is a security-focused distribution based on Arch Linux. Like its Debian Kali Linux and Parrot OS counterparts, it provides many security tools and testing utilities.

If you’re using Arch Linux and want to do some security testing, you’ll be disappointed to find that there aren’t any testing tools in the Arch repositories. Don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to add the BlackArch repository to your Arch system and access the huge arsenal of testing tools it contains.

Let’s walk through the steps to add the BlackArch repository to your Arch-based system and install the testing tools.

What is the BlackArch Strap script?

The BlackArch Strap script adds an unofficial user repository containing all modern cybersecurity tools.

Running the script automatically adds the BlackArch repository to the Arch distribution. You can then immediately start downloading the testing tools of your choice, which were previously not available in a standard Arch Linux installation.

Step 1Download and Run the BlackArch Strap Script


Download the shell script either from the official BlackArch website or from the command line using the curl command:

curl -O 

Download: BlackArch Strap Script

After successfully downloading the script, convert it to an executable using the chmod command. Run the file using the sudo prefix:

chmod +x
sudo ./

Let it finish running and then move on to the next step.


Now that you’ve added the BlackArch repository, you can proceed to install the testing tools of your choice using Pacman, the default package manager for Arch Linux. Or you can use another package manager if you are not using Pacman.

For example, here is how you can install Metasploit on Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S metasploit

These are all the steps required to add the BlackArch repository to your Arch Linux distribution and equip it with a huge collection of security tools.

Now that you’ve turned your regular Arch distribution into a penetration testing monster, you’re ready to download and explore all the tools the BlackArch repository has to offer.

You won’t need to learn or download many tools from the repository. But there are a few tools you should be familiar with. They will help increase your security level and allow you to check your systems yourself.

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