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Is Among Us Cross Platform? How to crossplay it with Friends?

Is Among Us Cross Platform? How to crossplay it with Friends?

Is Among Us cross platform game? How can you play this video game with friends across multiple platforms? This article is about to answer these questions.

Among Us has gained a lot of popularity due to various Twitch and YouTube streamers. It’s a great game to play if one finds a good group and, better yet, people can play this game on multiple devices.

This article is all about answering the question, “is Among Us cross-platform?” Among Us started gaining popularity in 2020, and Innersloth has since expanded its selection, making it available to users on PlayStation and Xbox devices.

Whether you’re using a PC or not, you might wonder if the new console versions can access the same game and whether you can now play with your friends.

Is Among Us Cross Platform?

Release Date: 15-06-2018Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
Developer: InnerslothPublisher: Innersloth

Among Us is a party game of teamwork and betrayal.”


Among Us is the perfect example of a cross-platform game, meaning you can play the game with any of your friends, no matter your device. Another important feature of Among Us and its cross-platform nature is that you can even play the game on mobile devices as well as on PC. Another reason you can say that Among Us is a cross-platform, multiplayer game is because the game itself was launched on various consoles, like Xbox Series X/S, Play Station 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and WiiU.

There’s another way to answer the question of “Is Among Us cross-platform?”: people can play the game with friends on multiple devices, including Android and iOS.

Now, you may think that it would be challenging to connect with friends and play a single game. However, it’s incredibly easy to use the cross-play features in Among Us and invite your friends to play. All that’s required is simply ensuring everyone is using the same server.

The host must create a game, fiddle with the settings, and confirm. The host will then spawn in the spaceship’s waiting area, where a lobby code will be shown in the lower left corner. Each player only needs to input that four-character code to join the game.

How to Play Is Among Us Cross Platform?

If you want to play Among Us with friends, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Among Us on your device. Log into your account.
  2. At the main menu, see the bottom right corner of the screen to check the server. As Among Us is a fully cross-platform game, so your friends must select the same server.
  3. Go to the main menu and select “Create Game.
  4. Set up a lobby with your selected map, player count, number of imposters you want, and so on. Set up a lobby with your selected map
  5. Once done, click on “confirm.”
  6. Then click on the “Private” option beside the “room code” and open the game public.
  7. Once you select and prepare the lobby, share that code with your player.
  8. When your friends click on that code, they can join you, and you can see them appear on the ship.
  9. You can also set the desired requirement for the game. You can change the type of map, imposter number, and language settings based on your choice,
  10. Now get ready for the action.

How to play Is Among Us with friends locally?

Among Us can be played with friends locally as video games but on the same Wi-Fi server. Follow the steps:

select local to play among us game  locally
How to play Is Among Us with friends locally?
  1. Go to the home screen of Among Us and select the option “Local.”
  2. If you wish to host the game, select create game option – your name will appear on the Available Game Box for the people on your local network.
  3. If you wish to play the already created game, find your name on the desired network of the Available Game Box and tap on that. among us select available games locally
  4. If there is room for players, you can start the play immediately.


  • Unlike other video games, you cannot turn off the cross-play option of Among Us. This might be because there is no such real advantage or disadvantages of playing the game on PC rather than on other devices.
  • Among Us fifth map will be on board and soon to be released.
  • Now, one can play Among Us with anonymous persons without any taskbar.


  • Be aware of Valorant agent – Among Us Crewmates
  • Be aware of one or more random players within the Crew- these can be imposters bent on killing everyone.


The first conclusion that can be drawn from this article is that Among Us is a fully cross-platform game. Another conclusion that can be interpreted is that if you have an Xbox but not any version of a PlayStation, or vice versa –there’s no need to worry. You can simply enjoy the game on different consoles, as it’s a multiplayer video game. So, with Among US, you and your friends can be trapped on a spaceship and try to finish the assigned task of returning to earth. The problem arises when some crew members in the spacecraft become imposters and try to stop you from achieving that goal…

As the name suggests, Among Us is really among us! You can play this game on every device with multiple people. As long as everyone chooses the same server region, you can all join using the same code in a private match and even view the same active, public games!

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