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Kawaii clothing: what is it and what is this cute style from Japan about?

Kawaii clothing what is it and what is this cute - Kawaii clothing: what is it and what is this cute style from Japan about?

Kawaii clothing is here to stay and it is capable of bringing sweetness and tenderness to our look. You’ve probably heard of it, but do you know what it’s about and why it’s become so popular? Stay to discover what this style of clothing consists of and write down these tips to include it in your daily outfits.

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What is kawaii clothing and why is it fashionable?

The word kawaii, which translates into Spanish as ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’, comes from Japanese and is used mainly to express the emotion of joy. However, it is important to know that Japanese people do not tend to conceptualize words but rather designate a ‘meaning’ to them through what this word makes them feel at the moment, and that is the reason why kawaii is a word that does not have a specific meaning.

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what is kawaii clothing and why is it fashionable

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Despite this, within Japanese popular culture this term refers to fashion and some anime or video game characters, making it the pillar of a style of dress and view of life (something like what in Mexico we know as tribe urban).

Ropa kawaii aesthetic

The world of aesthetics has also reached this way of dressing, so if you are looking to wear an ad hoc look, we advise you to bet on some of the following basic items that make up the kawaii style that will help you wear a kawaii outfit:

  • vests: these bring a youthful and flirtatious style to your look, plus the material they are made of makes them the perfect garment to wear on a warm day.
  • pleated skirts: these will give your look a super girly style. On the next hot days they will be your best ally and they also add a youthful touch to your outfit.
  • Oversize t-shirts: these are a basic garment of the kawaii style, especially those that have prints.
  • accessories: these are also important for this look, so bet on including them in your look. They can be in pastel colors or very light. Some ideas can be hair clips or bags.

ropa kawaii aesthetic

Image: Bianca Marie Arreola

Kawaii clothes and anime

Anime is a traditional Japanese animation style, it has brought us countless visual gems and characters that serve as inspiration for the kawaii style. Whether you are looking to include a garment or accessory of your favorite character (be careful! this is not cosplay as it consists of a different form of expression), or bet on clothes with a print on it, you can always adapt it to the kawaii style. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

kawaii and anime clothes

wording collage

Now that you know what it means to wear kawaii clothes in your look, tell us if you’re ready to start wearing these cute outfits.

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