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Keys to enjoy a good tea

Keys to enjoy a good tea

International Tea Day is celebrated every May 21, with the aim of raising awareness about tea and its cultural and economic importance throughout the world; promote actions in favor of the sustainable production and consumption of this ancient drink and raise awareness about its relevance in the fight against hunger and poverty.

But why is it celebrated in May and not in another month? The UN decided that it should be on this date, since it coincides with the season in which the production of tea begins in most of the countries, products of this historic drink, which is increasingly consumed in Chile and Latin America, making the industry grows and renews itself, offering not only the classic black tea, but also new blends, infusions and types of teas.

Solange Treguear, sommelier at Té Basilur in Chile, explains that “consumers have increasingly specialized and diversified their preferences when it comes to drinking tea. Today it is not only a drink to drink in the afternoon at “tea time” or “eleven”, but it has been incorporated as a refreshing, healthy and natural drink, ideal to drink throughout the day, and even to give as a gift. different. Added to this are infusions (which do not contain tea) such as chamomile, rooibos, fruits and also other types of teas from the same “camellia sinensis” plant such as green, blue, yellow, red and fermented tea.

Tips for preparing a tea

Contrary to what many believe, serving tea is not reaching out and putting hot water in the cup. Solange Treguear, sommelier at Té Basilur in Chile, points out that “the first step is to choose the right type of tea for the time of day. For example, an English Breakfast is ideal to have energy in the morning; the Earl Gray with bergamot to accompany a dessert. While a Sencha green tea is recommended for after a very heavy meal or to activate in the middle of the afternoon, and a Rooibos infusion for before bed”.

After choosing the tea of ​​your choice, there are other tips that we must follow to achieve a tastier and more well-prepared tea:

1.- Choice of water: The recommendation is not to use water directly from the tap, since “they are hard waters that will prevent the correct infusion, leaving a bland and bodiless drink. The best thing is to filter the water at home or obtain quality mineral waters that are low in sodium”, explains Solange Treguear sommelier from Té Basilur in Chile.

2.- The Temperature: This point is very important to avoid burning the tea, so once boiled, you have to wait a few minutes before serving. “For white and green teas, water will be needed at a temperature of no more than 75 to 80 degrees, for black teas between 85 to 90 degrees, and in the case of infusions between 90 and 95 degrees,” adds Solange Treguear.

3.- Infusion time: Many make the mistake of leaving the tea in the cup while they consume it, however, this is a blunder, since if we let it infuse for longer than the selected time, it releases tannins, making the tea astringent. and bitter, in addition to eliminating the entire delicate range of flavors and aromas.

“Black tea should be infused for a maximum of 5 minutes. White and green tea for no more than two and a half minutes, while the infusions can be up to 10 minutes”, indicates the Sommelier of tea, Solange Treguear.

4.- Avoid sugar and sweeteners: In Chile there is a custom of sweetening tea immediately, but if you want to enjoy the benefits and properties of this drink, it is advisable to drink it without sugar so as not to invade its flavor.

And finally, to enjoy the different teas, their properties, aromas and flavor every day of the year!

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