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Korean skincare for glowing skin

Korean skincare for glowing skin - Korean skincare for glowing skin

We start the year decreeing health, self-love and perfect skin. If you, like us, love k-dramas because of the plot (wink, wink), the outfits and the porcelain skin of the protagonists, then stay and discover the secrets of k-beauty to achieve a glass skin (or crystal skin) that Only with a good routine and perseverance does Korean skincare give us.

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Korean skincare for glowing skin

When we see the faces of our favorite idols, we can’t wait to know the secret to making their skin look so beautiful and that is that if there is something that characterizes Koreans, without a doubt, it is the beauty of their skin. Beyond being an aesthetic theme, skincare is an act of health. That the skin looks smooth, luminous and without imperfections is only the plus of betting on taking care of this vital organ of our body and what better than to start doing it today.

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Korean skincare for luminous, crystal-clear skin

Skincare is the care we give to the skin of our body, mainly on the face, in order to make it look healthier. Said care implies including factors such as cleaning, exfoliation, maintenance routines and application of products that benefit the care of our skin. However, many times we do not know our skin perfectly and we tend to follow routines without knowing what is best for us, which is why before you buy products to care for your skin and start a routine, we recommend you go to a specialist.

How to achieve beautiful skin with Korean skincare?

The skin of Korean girls is characterized by looking hydrated, cared for, luminous, smooth and uniform. In addition to factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet and water consumption, these beautiful women have a secret to share with the world and it is a rigorous routine that includes the following:

1 Protector solar

Always, always, always apply sunscreen to your skin. The sun’s rays have become a danger to healthy skin and it is very important to protect ourselves from them. With a small amount of application on your skin, it is enough to help it combat damage from sun exposure, however, it is very important that you know that the application of this product must be constant. The consistency with which you apply the product per day will depend on the opinion of a doctor or specialist (who should consider the health of your skin) and what your health requires (be it sunscreen, sunscreen, or sunscreen). It can be every two or four hours.

include sunscreen in your korean skincare routine

2 Moisturizer, essence and toner

A perfect triad to show off healthy skin is the use of a moisturizer that will help your skin retain water, helping it look glowy; a powerful facial toner to combat open pores by preventing dirt from accumulating and creating marks; and an essence which will help you correct specific details such as sagging face, spots or opacity of the skin.

Moisturizer, essence and toner in your Korean skincare routine

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3 Cleaning

Never, but really NEVER! it occurs to you to go to bed without washing your face. One of the essential steps to show off beautiful skin in a Korean routine includes cleaning. This consists of washing your face in the morning and at night (especially at this time) with a deep cleansing product to help remove dirt or dead cells. Apply it in a circular motion on the face without rubbing it and rinse thoroughly.

cleanliness is essential for korean skincare

Manifesting our skin glow up:

10 Korean skincare tips for glowing and radiant skin

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