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Legends that gave rise to Tuesday the 13th, where does fear come from?

leyendas que le dieron origen al martes 13 portada de fb - Legends that gave rise to Tuesday the 13th, where does fear come from?

Many of us think that the mars 13 It is a day of bad luck due to superstition, since on this day according to the customs of some towns they mention that they are days tragic where something bad can happen. We have seen in several movies that on this day there are very bad situations like in the movie Mars 13 who showed us a tragic story. But well regardless of the movie we tell you some legends that gave rise to Tuesday the 13th.



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Legends that gave rise to Tuesday the 13th

This date is full of ancient legends and many people avoid carrying out important activities because they believe that it is bad omen make them Many people say “Don’t get married, don’t embark, not even from your apart house”. Phrase that many apply and are careful on Tuesday the 13th.

one of the legends ancient Tuesday is related to the planet Marte which is linked with God of the guerrareason why it is linked to death or situations catastrophic.

Within Christianity it is also considered bad luck due to the number of members who agreed to the Last Supper, since there were 12 apostles and with Jesus era 13. Judas the traitor was considered number 13.

Legends about Tuesday the 13th.  don't get married, don't embark, don't embark



The number 13 has had many negative connotations in many cultures especially in religion

In Viking mythology the number 13 was associated with Loki and treacherous god who led his people to calamities. On the other hand, the Qabbaláh (the kabbalah) jewish refers to 13 evil spirits. The phobia on Tuesday the 13th is more widespread in European countries that was gradually being carried to Spanish-speaking countries.

Also another legend that happened on this day was the confusion of the towers of babel, which is very famous in the world cristiano as a traditional legend of Catholicism, and that many speak of this event as a myth of bad luck.

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fear of number 13

Some people fear this number when they have that number for a shift, or to make a type of payment or in some situation in which they are related to that number. But there are also other people who may consider it as a good luck number despite the fact that in some buildings there is no floor or room with the number 13, on the contrary, there are people who consider this imperfect prime number of good luck.

Did we really take more care of ourselves that day?

many of us we prefer not leave the house unless it is just the basics and in case of going to work or school we are very careful even in talking to the people with whom we interact, today we are careful where we pass or even when we go out to the street we do it with more caution. But you have to relax a little because they are only legends of the ancient world where this number that we do not like coincide with negative situations.

So don’t worry everything is superstition like seeing a black cat or going under the stairs, in reality everything can be a creation of our imagination. Rather we should always be careful in our daily lives and see life positively.


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