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Light feminine, on-trend makeup for those looking for a natural look

Light feminine on trend makeup for those looking for a natural - Light feminine, on-trend makeup for those looking for a natural look

Blessed TikTok never run out! And it is that we have become number one fans of the makeup and beauty trends that go viral, especially light feminine makeup, the perfect trend for those of us who seek to wear a very natural look with a touch of sensuality. You still don’t know it?, we tell you how to do it.

What is the romcom style and how to apply it to clothes and makeup

Light feminine, on-trend makeup for those looking for a natural look

What does light feminine makeup consist of?

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The light is characterized by being a girly makeup that provides an air of delicacy, purity and lots of light. Some makeup specialists classify this makeup style as one of the most feminine styles because of the colors used and their goal, which is to achieve a very pure and very pinky look.

How to get a light feminine makeup?

As we told you a moment ago, the objective of this makeup is to show off an angelic, fresh, luminous and tender face, which is why it will always resort to the use of seven products:

  1. Illuminator.
  2. Base.
  3. Eyeliner.
  4. Blush.
  5. Shadows.
  6. Lipgloss.
  7. Mascara


These show off a very subtle touch of color, which is why the palettes in peachy and pink tones are the favorites to wear on the eyelids, perfectly blended. The eyeliner must also be discreet, so you will have to opt for one in brown, this will be attached to the lash line in a foxy-style fine line. Of course, the eyelashes are an important element for a sweet look, so finish with a cap of mascara. You can add a touch of light on the eyelid or tear duct to look more precious.

Pink and peach palettes to achieve a light feminine

Image: kittyfly


The characteristic of this makeup is a natural finish, so you should bet on a base with a glowy touch so that your skin glows and looks hydrated. The blush will be fundamental and it is the mere protagonist of this style, so do not be afraid to apply it. Try to do it only on your cheekbones by placing a touch on the bridge of your nose to give that tender touch. Do not forget to apply a touch of highlighter in the light areas of your face.

natural finish in light feminine makeup

Image: IgorVetushko


These are characterized by looking as natural as possible, so you can bet on applying only a transparent gloss to complement the glowy look of all makeup. However, it is valid to bet on the color so you can use lipgloss or moisturizing lipsticks. Make sure they are in pink tones, nude colors are also a good option, although it is preferable to wear color. Remember that the more pinky the better.

glossy lips for a natural finish

Image: [email protected]

Celebrities we have seen with this look

This trend has reached the famous and there have been many who have been inspired by the trend to wear it on carpets, awards and events. We present our favourites:

Sadie Sink

The look that the young actress wore on the carpet at the 2022 Governors Awards stole our eyes. It consisted of a tulle dress with silver embroidered applications accompanied by a light feminine makeup.

Sydney Sweeney

The popular actress from Euphoria has worn this makeup with great style and elegance, within the main red carpets that we have seen that the SAG 2019 bet on this makeup.

Sydney Sweeney wearing light feminine makeup

Image: Pinterest profile @Alondra305

Cemre Baysel

This Turkish actress constantly bets on wearing this makeup, because her beautiful face is perfect for wearing this pinky and natural style.

Cemre Baysel wearing a light feminine look


Inspo to try the light feminine makeup:

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