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LightPDF integrates AI file recognition assistant to find important information and related pages through dialogue

LightPDF integrates AI file recognition assistant to find important information and related pages through dialogue

LightPDF is a free service dedicated to providing one-stop PDF tools, including various file format conversion, conversion, generator, editing tools, optimization and security functions, all of which can be directly operated in the browser, There is no need to download or install additional software, and it can be used even on mobile devices (relevant editing and conversion are processed on the remote server), and it also provides multi-language interfaces such as traditional Chinese.

Recently LightPDF has also caught up with the artificial intelligence AI upsurge to launch a tool called “LightPDF AI“File identification and chat tool, importing ChatGPT allows users to communicate directly with PDF and other documents, and intelligently sorts, summarizes, and explains important information characteristics in files. It is similar to the function of ChatDOC introduced before. Users only need to drag and drop files Go to the LightPDF AI tool, let AI help you quickly sort out the key points of the document, and use the chat dialogue window to directly ask questions to quickly find relevant answers and related pages.

LightPDF AI and “ChatPDF throws PDF files to AI, quickly summarizes and answers related questions” are also similar in function, but I personally prefer ChatDOC because it will mark pages with relevant answers for easy jumping to the original document for in-depth reading.

According to the description, LightPDF AI supports PDF, Word, Excel, PPT or ePub files, and can also be used on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In addition to responding to questions raised by users, LightPDF AI can also provide segmentation , forms and other forms of answers, the source (number of pages) of the quoted content is displayed in the answer.

It is also very convenient if you want to use it to read foreign language content. Just upload the file and ask questions in Chinese, and the AI ​​will reply in Chinese, directly saving the step of translating the file into Chinese.


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Open the LightPDF intelligent AI file recognition dialogue tool, click “Select File” or directly drag the file to the web page to start.

In addition, to download the client software, you need to pay to upgrade LightPDF membership to use it, but it supports other PDF tools and cloud file functions, but there is no need to pay for using it on the web.



After dragging the file to LightPDF AI, it will start to analyze and display the content summary of the file, and provide several quick questions. This design reminds me of “Poe integrates a variety of different AI artificial intelligence models, an unusable alternative to ChatGPT Plan”, of course, users can also ignore the automatically generated questions and directly enter any questions they want to ask about this document in the dialogue window below.



After asking, LightPDF AI will find the answer from the files uploaded by the user, and at the same time summarize and sort out a well-organized answer.



The reference source page of this answer will also be attached below the answer. Click the page number to expand the file and jump directly to the specific content.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. LightPDF provides a one-stop PDF tool, all functions can be operated directly in the browser
  2. Combined with ChatGPT technology, users can communicate with documents and quickly find relevant answers and associated pages
  3. Supports multiple languages, including traditional Chinese, and can also use Chinese to ask questions in foreign languages ​​without manual translation


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