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Link Transformer converts hyperlinks into plain text, sharing social platforms without reducing exposure

Link Transformer It is a free social media tool, the main function is to convert clickable hyperlinks into plain text format, especially useful for sharing URLs on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The clicked hyperlink (does not display the link preview) will not make the post look like an advertisement or spam because of putting too many URLs, especially on Facebook, the exposure may be reduced due to the hyperlink of the post, It would be better to convert it through this tool.

The developer of Link Transformer came up with the idea of ​​making a conversion tool because he saw that many people would separate the URL name and suffix with spaces when sharing URLs on social networking sites, so as to avoid allowing the platform to convert it into a link. Open the website, paste the URL, click the conversion link, copy the result to the clipboard and use it, it’s amazing!

Although I am not sure about the conversion method used by Link Transformer, even if the converted link is manually copied and pasted into the address bar, it can still be opened through the browser! The URL will not become unusable after conversion, so if you want to share multiple URLs on social networking sites and instant messaging software without making them look like advertising messages, converting to plain text is a good way, but the disadvantages If it is a URL, it cannot be opened quickly after clicking. It needs to be manually copied to the browser URL bar before it can be used.

Link Transformer

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First of all, I will use Twitter as a demonstration, and modify it slightly according to the post example provided by the developer of Link Transformer. Normally, as long as there is a URL in the tweet, it will be automatically converted into a “blue link”. Others can click it directly after seeing it , Open, when a hyperlink appears, you can also choose whether to display the link preview below.

Link Transformer


Paste the tweets containing URLs into the Link Transformer converter, press the middle “Transform Links” to convert them into plain text.

Link Transformer

Then click “Copy” in the lower right corner to get a new post format.

Link Transformer


Go back to Twitter and post the converted content. After the tweet is sent, you will find that these URLs will not be converted into hyperlinks!

Link Transformer


The same is true for Facebook posts. If there is a URL in the content, it will automatically turn into a blue link, and a link preview will also be displayed below. If you don’t want hyperlinks to reduce the weight and exposure of the post, you can also consider using Link Transformer to convert it to Pure text, I haven’t experimented with it and don’t know how effective it is, but as far as the known information is concerned, having a URL usually reduces the exposure (many people will also put the URL in the comment below).

Link Transformer


Go back to Link Transformer to paste the URL, and click Transform in the middle to get new plain text content.

Link Transformer


Go back to Facebook to create a post function. After pasting the URL, you will find that these URLs will not turn into blue hyperlinks, and there is no link preview below, so the post will display the URL in plain text format! Although you can’t click to open it directly, you can browse the link target normally after copying and pasting the address bar and sending it.

Link Transformer

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Link Transformer converts clickable hyperlinks to plain text
  2. Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram and other platforms
  3. Even if the converted text is manually copied and pasted into the address bar, it can still be opened normally


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