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Love layered hair? Then you’ll love the ‘cobra haircut’

Capture d ecran 2022 09 16 115421 copie 786c426077 - Love layered hair? Then you’ll love the ‘cobra haircut’

By unveiling a new layering technique on TikTok, a New York hairdresser has now fulfilled the wishes of many women seeking to combine length with volume and movement. A trio that may seem barely compatible after the ravages of a summer filled with sun, heat and seawater. Called the “cobra haircut,” this new style is already causing a stir on social networks.

Changing your hair in 2022 seems above all to mean emulating the shape or mane of some kind of animal.

After the wolf cut, the butterfly haircut and the octopus haircut, get ready to embrace your inner snake with the cobra cut. Rest assured, you have not (yet) entered the fourth dimension, but rather a whole new world of animal-inspired hairdressing.

Anyway, back to cobras. The cobra haircut is undoubtedly one of the hair trends of fall 2022, and this we owe to a major name of the New York hair scene, hairstylist Nunzio Saviano.

With nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok, the hairdresser has no shortage of new haircuts to share, including the cobra cut, which he has now made the star of the season. And for good reason. This layering technique for long hair supposedly gives body and movement without losing length — music to the ears of many women around the world.

Next-generation layers

So what exactly is this new haircut that users of the Chinese social network are already crazy about?

It’s simple. The cobra is about layering the hair as much as possible to remove weight without touching the lengths, thus bringing lightness — and therefore volume — to the hair. It’s an ideal cut for giving your mane a boost in the post-summer season.

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Speaking to Popsugar, the hair professional explains that the layering should start at about 5 cm under the chin then extend all the way around the head, “The long layers are cut following the head shape. This technique removes weight at the bottom without making the hair look thin, which creates body and movement,” he explains.

As for the name of this hot new cut, the stylist reportedly chose it while finishing his work with a curling iron. It was while creating large curls on long hair that the resemblance with the famous snake apparently struck him. And the rest is history. The buzz — or perhaps hiss — surrounding this new beauty trend was instant.

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