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LURL is a free shortening photo and video sharing tool, with password protection and expiration date setting

lurl 1 - LURL is a free shortening photo and video sharing tool, with password protection and expiration date setting

LURL It should be from the same developer as “MyPPT shortened URL to upload videos, transfer links to photos, set browsing password and expiration time”. The two websites have the same function and interface, because it is a free service in Taiwan that provides a Chinese operation interface. It is not too difficult to use. In addition to shortening the URL, LURL also has the functions of photo short URL and video short URL. Simply put, it is the picture space and video space. In addition, it is also possible to set a browsing password, an effective date and a limit on the number of browsing times when uploading.

For users who want to share photos or videos on the Internet, LURL or MyPPT is a very simple and easy-to-use choice. It can quickly convert your pictures or videos into hyperlinks for sharing on other websites, discussion boards Or BBS sharing, similar to the sticker function, the average person may not know how to generate a link for the picture, in fact, it can be done through the picture space, LURL also adds password protection, automatic expiration date and other functions, which is relatively more convenient. !

Like MyPPT, LURL is an anonymous service. You can upload pictures and videos or generate short URLs without registering or logging in to your account. After logging in with your Facebook account, you will have link management functions, and you can view your own short URLs (including pictures and videos). It can also be deleted at any time so that others cannot continue to browse and use it.

Generally speaking, LURL is often used in some discussion board stickers, such as PTT or Dcard, etc. If you want to send the picture to other users on the Internet to browse, you can use LURL to do it. The video upload part supports The maximum single file is 100MB, which is not too much. If the video size exceeds the limit, you can try to use other video space for uploading and sharing.


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After opening the LURL URL shortening website, the default is to shorten the URL function. Copy and paste the original link to be shortened, and click “Shorten URL” to get a relatively short shortened URL, which is similar to common URL shortening services. , usually this kind of service does not have a time limit, as long as the service is in operation, the short URL should be able to jump to the original link correctly.



Click the “Photo Short URL” function in the upper menu, and users can use LURL to upload pictures or photos to generate links.



Click the upload field, select a picture or directly drag the picture to be shared to the LURL webpage.


Then set the browsing password (you can directly click today’s date), the valid date, the shortest is 1 minute, and the maximum can be set to 30 days. After the date is exceeded, it will be automatically deleted, and other people will not be able to browse. If necessary, you can customize the number of browsing times. By default there is no limit.



After setting, click “Upload Image & Photo” and wait for a while to get the generated image URL.



If you have set a picture and photo browsing password, the password unlocking screen will pop up first. Usually, the date is used as the password, such as 0401, and the number of website visits will be displayed below.


After entering the correct password, it will display that the unlocking is successful, and the user can browse pictures or videos.



LURL provides a custom valid date function for photos and videos. The default is one day. As long as the time limit is exceeded, others will not be able to browse, and it will be an error message that the link has expired.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Provide an intuitive Chinese operation interface, which can quickly convert pictures and videos into hyperlinks
  2. Allows to set browsing password, valid date and viewing times limit when uploading to protect file privacy
  3. After logging in with a Facebook account, you can also manage the generated short URL or image video

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