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Makeup for eyes with an impending eyelid

makiyazh dlya glaz s navisshim vekom - Makeup for eyes with an impending eyelid

We are all different and different from each other. Your flaws may seem like flaws only to you. For other people, this is just your feature and nothing more. This applies not only to appearance. Although, girls are most often worried about this. And they try to fix it with makeup. Eye makeup with an impending eyelid – something worth learning.


Makeup for eyes with an impending eyelidThere are some peculiarities in the performance of eye makeup technique with an impending eyelid. You must follow the instructions to get the desired result.

Makeup artists advise using a primer before applying shadows. This applies not only to the impending century, but also to the ordinary. However, this advice is especially relevant for the owners of the impending century. This will help the further application of eye shadow and eyeliner, as well as allow them to last as long as possible.

Keep your eyes open. Eye makeup with an impending eyelid is not an easy task, not only for beginners. But beginners need to know that you should not close your eyes in order to navigate where the final picture will be located. Another tip – do not raise your eyebrows – this way you will lose the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhere the natural crease is and turn in the wrong direction.

Makeup for eyes with an impending eyelidFor uniform application of shadows, pay attention not only to the hidden eyelid. Shadows also need to be applied to the impending eyelid, especially for dark shades.

There are many life hacks on how to properly perform eye makeup with an impending eyelid. One of them is the color and texture of the shadows. If you like shadows with shimmer, glitter, then you should definitely try matte textures and make sure that they suit you more. Since they visually reduce the area of ​​the impending eyelid, and shiny textures, on the contrary, increase it.

Speaking of eye makeup with an impending eyelid, it is wrong to touch only the shadows. Notice the ink. One of the big problems for girls is the imprint of mascara on the eyelids. This is where waterproof formulas come in handy. Now it will not be difficult to use this type of mascara. Because there are so many products available that can easily remove waterproof makeup.

Makeup for eyes with an impending eyelidWe talked about textures and decided which one is best. Now it is worth considering the most suitable colors. Your option is muted, powdery shades that blend well with each other. This means avoiding bright (neon) colors. Of course, no one can tell you, and you are free to experiment and make your own decision.

To achieve a wide-open look and visually increase the distance between the eyes, a white pencil (kayal) or a highlighter will help. They must be applied to the inner corners of the eyes.


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