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Meaning of Upgrade and the Difference with Update (Hp / PC)

what does upgrade mean?

What does upgrade mean? Often hear it but still don’t know what is meant by an upgrade in terms of the world of computers and cellphones.

It’s easier upgrade is to raise hardware/software specifications from the old type to the new variant. Usually when we upgrade something we will throw away the previous type and replace it with the latest product with a higher capability than its predecessor.

In this case the upgrade can also be said to replace all or part of the components of an electronic device.

For example, let’s say you want to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy A01 to Samsung Galaxy A02 which means you replace the entire cellphone to a higher version.

The term upgrade is not only limited to hardware but also software, for example, you want to upgrade your Windows 10 OS to Windows 11.

Other examples of upgrades in the world of PC assembly are upgrading 4GB RAM to 8GB and others.

The existence of a replacement or simply the addition of a new component into a computer device with the aim of having a higher performance than before can be regarded as an upgrade.

Now it’s clear what an upgrade means in a mobile device or computer.

Difference between Upgrade and Update

upgrade android - Meaning of Upgrade and the Difference with Update (Hp / PC)

However, the notion of upgrading is often misunderstood, many think that upgrades and updates are the same thing.

Even though the upgrade and the update have different meanings. Literally, the difference between upgrading and updating in Indonesian has the meaning of upgrading and updating.

The definition of update is updating a component while maintaining the previous component without reducing or replacing it.

For example, when we want to update the WhatsApp application on an Android phone via the Google Play Store.

During the updating process, the WhatsApp application is not removed (Uninstalled) but only updated.

Updates (updates) usually aim to fix bugs to add the latest features to the application.

Now it’s clear, isn’t it, what is the difference between an upgrade and the update itself.

Furthermore, another term that is still related is downgrade.

Definition of Downgrade

HP upgrade means

Downgrade itself is downgrading from the latest version to the previous version.

Usually this is mostly done when we install software (applications) that are not compatible with the specifications of the computer or cellphone device.

System software requirements that are too high force us to use old versions of software to match the specifications of the laptop or cellphone used.

Well, to downgrade we have to do it manually by looking for old versions of software or applications. This is because software that has been updated to the latest version cannot be downgraded to the previous version.

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The last tip from me to make it easier to update software on a PC or cellphone is to activate the automatic update feature (automatic update).

We have discussed upgrading and the difference between it and updates in the computer world above, hopefully this post can help you in getting to know general terms in the IT world.


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