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Monochrome makeup: TikTok’s natural and effortless beauty trend

monochromatic make up tiktok - Monochrome makeup: TikTok’s natural and effortless beauty trend

Tips and tricks of all kinds are legion on TikTok — so much so that you constantly have to sort the real from the fake to identify the genuine trends of the moment. Fortunately, when professionals get involved, a simple hashtag can turn into a full-blown phenomenon. And that’s what happened with “monochrome makeup,” a radiant beauty look with a natural finish that’s going viral on the Chinese social network.

Using a single color for the entire face. That’s the idea behind “monochrome makeup,” which is proving all the rage on TikTok.

Praised by the most famous makeup artists on the planet, like Mario Dedivanovic — founder of Makeup By Mario and incidentally Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist — this natural beauty look is the source of several million views on the social network (4.4 million for #monochromemakeup, 16.4 million for #monochromaticmakeup), and is already being hailed as the star makeup trend of the fall.

One color, many possibilities

As the months go by, beauty kits seem to be gradually shedding the weight of a routine that was previously far too elaborate. In search of a more natural, more authentic and even more economical beauty routine, TikTok users are using their ingenuity and imagination to craft subtle and light makeup looks without having to compromise on effect or style.

This is the case of the “monochrome makeup” trend, which requires no special technique, no specific tools, and no significant quantity of makeup. It offers a soft, natural and radiant look, achieving an effortless glow that has already won over millions of users around the world.

“Monochrome makeup” gives rise to a harmonious beauty look thanks to the use of a single colour on strategic points of the face — namely the eyes, cheekbones and lips.

On TikTok, it seems that some use a single shade, while others turn to a family of colours. Similarly, it is possible to use three different products (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick) or 3-in-1 products that will cover all your needs without hurting your wallet.

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As for the palette, if pink — thanks to Barbiecore — is currently very popular, makeup artists are starting to unveil the list of fall shades tipped to be the stars of the season. Apricot, terracotta, bronze, brown, nude and peach are among the most popular colors.

More generally, to keep it natural, it’s best to opt for earth tones, or colors inspired by nature (except for green), for a more harmonious look. On the other hand, it’s probably best to avoid shades that contrast with your skin tone, such as bright, vivid shades, for example.

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