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Mp3Convert Download YouTube, Facebook and IG Videos in MP3 Format

Most of the online videos do not provide download function, users need to open the webpage, play and watch directly from the browser, if you want to download and save the video in various formats, you have to use the video download tool to do it, many people will want to download The reason for the video is nothing more than backing up the video and playing it in an environment without a network connection. I have recommended Downie, VDown and YT Saver before. They support various common and commonly used network audio-visual platforms, and they are not difficult to use. There are also online tools available if downloading software is not your thing.

This article will introduce “Mp3Convert“is an online video downloading and conversion tool that supports various online video services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. The most important feature is that it can be operated through a browser. Just copy and paste the video link, and the service will Automatically capture MP3 format or other download options, but only supports public videos, you need to log in to watch and cannot use Mp3Convert to download.

There are many similar video download services. It seems that they all use the same program to set up (not sure), and provide languages ​​such as traditional Chinese, but there will be many advertisements during operation, and there will also be pop-up advertisements to promote paid programs. Or Be careful not to click on irrelevant functions.

According to my test, Mp3Convert can indeed convert YouTube video to Mp3 music format, download and save, so there is no need to install additional software, and it also supports other video formats besides Mp3.


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After opening the Mp3Convert website, copy and paste the video URL directly, and click “Download” to display the download link.


What’s more special is that Mp3Convert can also directly enter keywords to search YouTube videos, click on videos from the search results, quickly convert to Mp3 music, or download videos to Mp4 or WebP formats.



A green button “Download MP3” will appear on the result page, just click to convert the video to MP3 format.


However, advertisements may pop up during the conversion, or various recommended programs, software or websites may be displayed on the new tab, ignore them and stay on the original page, because the whole process does not need to leave the same page.



The conversion will take a while, if necessary, you can also click “Download Video” to download the video format (but there will still be a lot of advertisements).


After conversion, it will be downloaded automatically, and the user can see the MP3 file in the download list.



Mp3Convert also provides the option to download video formats. The operation method is similar to downloading Mp3 files. When selecting the video download function, various resolution and format options will pop up, but there are also many advertisements. Friends in need can try it.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Mp3Convert has both online video download and conversion functions, and supports various common Internet services
  2. Download YouTube videos in MP3 format, and get videos in various resolutions and formats
  3. Can be operated through the browser, no need to install additional software

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