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NGINX Config generates efficient, secure and stable Nginx server configuration files

Screenshot 2022 10 05 13.35 - NGINX Config generates efficient, secure and stable Nginx server configuration files

NGINX Config web server NGINX configuration file generator, which generates various conf files according to requirements. Later, this open source project was acquired by the well-known cloud hosting service provider DigitalOcean, and more resources were used for subsequent development. and maintenance work.Nginx It is a fast and efficient web server program. It is often compared with Apache. Some website builders will choose Nginx as the web server. In addition, it can also be used as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Or use HTTP caching. In the early days, this program was used to set up servers for better speed and load when the budget was limited. Today, it is also the server choice for many large websites.

However, the Nginx configuration file is very complex, and it is time-consuming to edit and modify directly from the sample file.NGINX Config It is the easiest way to help engineers set up a high-performance, safe, and stable NGINX server, and it is also a configuration file generator for Nginx servers.use the NGINXConfig visual interface to set relevant options, and eventually generate various setting files required by Nginx, enabling engineers to create a low-memory, high-performance web server environment in a shorter period of time. chance of error.

After the acquisition of NGINXConfig by DigitalOcean, it not only added traditional Chinese and other languages, but also made the operation interface simpler and easier to understand. Through this service, you can set the default front-end, PHP, Django, Node. For Drupal, Magento and Joomla environments, detailed settings include HTTP, PHP, Python, reverse proxy, routing settings, logs, restrictions and onions, etc. Finally, download the configuration file and follow the instructions of NGINXConfig to complete the environment construction.


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After opening NGINXConfig, adjust the interface language from the upper right corner. If you are a Taiwanese user, it should be automatically converted to Traditional Chinese. You can also switch to “single or double column” display mode, the dual-column mode is very friendly to large screens, you can adjust the settings while previewing the configuration file.


First select the default generated configuration file template from the website settings, such as for WordPress or general PHP environment.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig


Then there will be some basic settings options, including domain name settings, paths, file paths, subdomains, etc. You can also adjust HTTPS, PHP, Python, reverse proxy, routing settings, logging, restrictions and onion options. NGINXConfig will color the options, and if there is an error or conflict, the generator will pop up the relevant instructions.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig

NGINXConfig makes it easier to visualize settings such as enabling HTTPS, HTTP/2, or configuring Let’s Encrypt.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig


If you want to build a WordPress environment, NGINXConfig also has preset rules that can be directly applied. Others like Drupal, Magento or Joomla also have related options to quickly apply the rules, which will save time and effort for the deployment environment, as long as you adjust some details That’s it.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig

The NGINXConfig interactive interface is very useful, and it will display a message when the user encounters a problem while creating the configuration file.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig


Users can directly preview the content of the configuration file in the generator, and it has a highlighted code mark for easier reading. The original NGINXConfig requires users to copy and save the configuration file to the corresponding path of the web server. The new generator has Don’t do it.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig


through the finaldownload” function can compress all the generated configuration files into a single file to download and use, and only need to upload the specific directory of the server. ), Certbot, or the commands set by applying Nginx are listed, NGINXConfig is a very convenient and practical tool for those who are not familiar with Nginx or novice.

DigitalOcean NGINXConfig

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. NGINXConfig generates Nginx configuration files with an interactive configuration interface
  2. Create preset values ​​according to specific needs, support PHP, WordPress, Node.js and other environments
  3. Package the configuration file into .tar.gz format for download, and also provide related instruction line teaching

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