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OPPO has released its own Android application "ODials"own "dialer"

OPPO has released its own Android application "ODials"own "dialer"

This is what the application looks like on the website Google Play.

What did OPPO come up with?

The company introduced a “clone” of a regular dialer on Google Play. In the application, you can keep a contact book, make calls, create group calls, put a conversation on hold and record conversations.

The subscriber will not receive a notification that the call recording has begun, which means that he will not know about your “spy” frauds.

You can download the app link в Google Play

The app only supports Oppo, OnePlus and Realme smartphones. Also, your device must be running Android 12 or higher. It is not known if the application will appear on smartphones of other brands in the future. From other amenities: ODialer supports a dark theme.


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