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outfits with falda for spring

outfits with falda for spring - outfits with falda for spring

Outfits with skirts will be your best allies to look incredible this spring. And it is that the skirt is a basic garment that yes or yes we must have in our wardrobe. In addition to the fact that they can be combined with EVERYTHING, they are ideal to wear at school, in the office and at any type of event. If you have some saved in your closet and you don’t know how to use them, check out these ideas!

Outfit ideas with denim skirt that you can wear this spring

Outfits with skirts: the ideal style to wear this spring

The spring days finally reached us and the time to wear all those fresh clothes that we have stored in the closet has arrived. We love the hot season because it gives us the chance to create incredible and very refreshing looks, and skirts are that favorite item of clothing that will inspire us on this occasion. Surely among your curiosities you have a beautiful skirt, what are you waiting for to wear it? Discover how to combine it with us.

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outfits with skirts for a spring look

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Outfits with skirts to look amazing this spring

black skirt

This color is basic in our clothes so surely you have a black skirt in your closet. There are endless ideas to complement an outfit with it, choosing the right top will depend a lot on your style and what you want to achieve: you can bet on a crop top, a basic white shirt, a lace top or an off-the-shoulder blouse and complement with some Greek-style sandals. If you are looking to wear your black skirt in a formal outfit, you can bet on wearing a pair of stilettos to match a baguette-style bag.

outfits with black skirt

Imagen: bartekchiny

Long skirt

Long skirts are one of our favorite clothes for spring, they are also perfect to wear with any type of blouse or top, but our favorites are those with a boho style to make a perfect match. The favorite footwear for this idea are espadrilles that, in addition to being super comfortable, have all the spring style in them.

outfits with long skirt

Image: Jose Luis Photographer

A more youthful look with a skirt


Denim is a textile that yes or yes we have in our wardrobe, we see it in jeans, in jackets, in some blouses and of course in skirts. Don’t you fancy a total denim look? because this fashion from the 2000s is coming strong this year and what better season to wear it than spring.

If this is not your style, try combining it with a basic printed t-shirt and black boots for a rebel girl look.

outfits with denim skirt

Image: Beatriz Braga

skirt with tennis

The sneakers will be the footwear that does not get you out of a thousand troubles and the perfect complement to accompany any outfit. These provide a touch of sweetness as well as providing comfort and convenience when walking, which is the reason why we often see them accompanying dresses, coulottes and shorts.

outfit with skirt and tennis

Image: cotton bro

You already know that for us there are no rules when it comes to getting dressed, the important thing is that when you do it you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, it makes you feel safe and you see yourself with lots of loving eyes, remember that attitude is the most important accessory to the time to wear a look. Now that you know this and you reviewed these ideas to inspire you in your outfits with a skirt, tell us what is your favorite way to wear skirts.

Skirt cuts we love:

7 perfect outfits with skirts to look beautiful in spring

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