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Outfits with women’s dress pants to look elegant

Outfits with womens dress pants to look elegant - Outfits with women's dress pants to look elegant

Women’s dress pants are the garment we turn to when we need a formal outfit. Yes, they are the first thing that comes to mind to wear on our way to the office. Of course we are fans of them but we firmly believe that it is time to use them for more casual outfits, do you want to know how?

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Look elegant with dress pants for women with these outfits

Formality when dressing does not have to be boring, much less synonymous with wearing extremely traditional looks (tailored suit, matching blazer, black shoes, and white shirts). The time to use dress pants as a garment outside the office has arrived and there are an infinite number of ways to combine it for an elegant, formal and sophisticated style without being extremely formal.

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outfits with dress pants for women to look elegant

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What dress pants are in fashion?

Dress pants are characterized by being made mainly of gabardine, linen or cashmere, however, fashion trends have made them adapt to new shapes and cuts to suit the tastes of the new generations. Among the most used models and that are fashionable in these times we can find:

High shot or high cinturilla

These pants are characterized by having the waistband above the navel and are the perfect garment to wear crop top style garments. They help to refine the waist and stylize the torso, which is why they have become the favorites of many of us.


These are pants that are characterized by having wide legs, a midi length that usually leaves a portion of the ankle uncovered, and they have a high waistband. These pants are made to create the illusion of a slender waist and prominent hips, and wearers look very stylish.


This style of garment is also found in a jumpsuit or jumpsuit, however, as trousers it is characterized by being a garment with extremely wide and long legs. Like the culotte, this model has a tight waist.

dress pants for women fashion

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Outfits with women’s dress pants

Striped pants

Take a break from solid colors and opt for textured pants. An incredible idea to do so is to include striped pants in your outfit. You can complement this with a tank top in a contrasting color or a shirt.

dress pants for women striped

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white pants

If you are looking for a very sophisticated outfit, bet on white dress pants, this goes perfect with a button-down shirt in earth colors: beige, sand, coffee or olive green. Complement your look with jewelry and cute shoes.

white dress pants

Imagen: Vlad Deep; Floral Deco

with gingham print

The paintings will always be a formal pattern, but that should not be boring. Bet on pants with a gingham print in khaki to give your look seriousness and get out of the classic black checkered pants. Complement with a scarf as an accessory and an oversize linen shirt.

patterned dress pants

Image: Vlada Karpovich

Suit with pants and jacket

If formality is your thing and you want to continue betting on a look with a blazer and dress pants, then bet on this idea. Bright colors, with high-waisted pants accompanied by a cropped blazer and as a complement a blouse in a contrasting color (you can even bet on a tank top). Add some glasses, a baguette bag and a good pair of heels.

suit with dress pants for women and jacket

Image: Rulo Davila

Fisherman dress pants

The fisherman cut is perfect for spring and summer days, as we mentioned before, a good alternative to refresh dress pants is to opt for pastel or extremely bright colors. Accompany them with a blouse in similar colors and add good heels or spartan sandals.

dress pants for women fisherman style

Image: Rulo Davila

You no longer have excuses for continuing to wear your women’s dress pants in a traditional way, apply these tips to go out looking like a goddess (more than you already are). Remember that the limit for an outfit of ten is only your imagination.

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