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Overview of wedding trends in 2023

Obzor svadebnyh trendov - Overview of wedding trends in 2023

If you are interested in this issue, then you are probably a wedding planner or plan to legitimize your relationship this year. Each wedding is unique and each bride wants her holiday to be remembered by the guests only with positive emotions. To do this, in addition to your taste preferences, you also need to focus on current trends. Together with the site experts, we have prepared a brief overview of the event formats that will be at the peak of popularity in 2023. We hope that this information will help you at least a little to navigate.

Personalization is everything

Now it is completely unfashionable to make a wedding according to templates. Try to reflect the individuality of your couple in the celebration. If you are introverts, then you can celebrate your wedding very comfortably in the format of a large family dinner. A location in nature is ideal, with a lot of retro garlands and one table at which all guests will fit. Love noisy parties? Then it should be a spacious banquet hall with a show program, dances, smoke generators, and so on. Choose the theme of the event close to you in spirit, then you will definitely not go wrong.

Comfortable timing

Why do most people remember their wedding with horror? Because this is a holiday for the guests, and not for the newlyweds themselves. You are in touch all day and control all processes, trying to fit into the timing. Such weddings have already lost their relevance. In the modern view, a wedding is a celebration for two, that is, the bride and groom. You yourself should be comfortable. Now it is very important to do everything in one place. Usually a country cottage is rented, in which the morning of the bride and groom takes place, a photo session, a gathering of guests at a buffet table, a beautiful ceremony instead of the registry office, and, of course, dinner and entertainment. This is a cool and comfortable format of the event, which allows you to completely relax and get the most out of this day.

winter wedding

Who said that you need to go to the registry office strictly in summer or autumn? This is absolutely not true. Search the Internet for photos of winter weddings and you will see how beautiful they are. Pictures of the bride and groom on white snow are a real work of art. But the main plus is still a rich choice of dates, contractors and pleasant prices, which are many times higher in autumn and summer due to active demand among more conservative newlyweds.


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