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PageSpeed ​​90+ forever Improve website experience and monitor PageSpeed ​​score changes

performance90 02 - PageSpeed ​​90+ forever Improve website experience and monitor PageSpeed ​​score changes

If your daily work is to develop and maintain websites, you must be familiar with Google Search Console. There is an item in the console called “Core Indicators for Website User Experience”, which is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The close relationship has been simplified to only display three results. In simple terms, the data of this indicator comes from the CrUX report, and the three indicators of LCP, FID and CLS are judged to evaluate whether the user webpage provides a good core experience. , How do you know the core index scores of the website experience?just rely on PageSpeed Insights Or the built-in Lighthouse developer tools in your browser.

This article will introduce “PageSpeed 90+ forever” is a useful free service that monitors a website’s PageSpeed ​​score. This score may represent page speed, performance, accessibility, and SEO metrics. If nothing else, the higher the score, the better (and at least let It tries to reach the green level), this service can help you monitor the change of PageSpeed ​​score, and when the score is lower than the set value, it will send a notification by Email, which is similar to the other service PageSpeed ​​Reports introduced before (but the latter is currently unavailable ).

When using “PageSpeed ​​90+ forever” to monitor webpages, you only need to enter Email and URL to start using. The website claims that there will be no spam, and you can cancel receiving notifications at any time. According to the instructions, the website will be monitored every 4 hours to get more real-time Google PageSpeed ​​API technology is used behind it. If you want to continuously track the changes in the PageSpeed ​​score of the website, you can try it. At present, similar services are rarely seen.

PageSpeed 90+ forever

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After opening the PageSpeed ​​90+ forever website, enter the email address Email from the homepage, monitor the page link, and click “Monitor for free” to join this service for free monitoring.

PageSpeed 90+ forever


What’s special about this service is that the login URL will be sent directly to the user’s email address. Click the Magic link in the email to log in and use it. The advantage is that the user does not need to set a password and does not worry about data leakage.

PageSpeed 90+ forever


The newly added page will immediately conduct the PageSpeed ​​score test, and the score will be displayed after a few seconds. It is also divided into two types: computer and mobile device.

PageSpeed 90+ forever

If it is a good score, it will be displayed in green, and if it needs improvement, it will be displayed in orange and red lights.

PageSpeed 90+ forever


By default, email notifications will be sent when the computer score is 90 and the mobile device score is below 80. Of course, users can also adjust it according to the situation. The website suggests setting this value at 90 would be more appropriate. If you don’t want to continue monitoring, you can also click “Delete page” on the edit page to delete it.

PageSpeed 90+ forever


To add more monitoring pages, click “Add page” in the upper right corner to add a new page, enter the URL and set the score limit for receiving notifications, but I’m not sure why the scores for computers and mobile devices have changed to 90 and 85 points, there are Adjust it yourself if necessary, and the website is monitored every four hours.

PageSpeed 90+ forever

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Help monitor the PageSpeed ​​score of the website, and send an email notification when the score is lower than the set value
  2. The website will monitor PageSpeed ​​changes every four hours to ensure more real-time data
  3. An unlimited number of monitoring pages can be added, and monitoring items can be deleted at any time to stop receiving notifications

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